F BombCast 162: Month of Horror has Begun

After a month of nothing you should be creaming yourself at the mere sounds of our voices. YOU TAKE WHAT YOU GET AND YOU LIKE IT! or not whatever floats your boat. Actually i do appreciate you all sticking with us during this extremely inconsistent release schedule. Month of horror is upon us and we do not disappoint, at least i hope we don’t. The Collector, the original Dawn of the Dead, The Final, Zombieland, Woman in Black, Let the Right one in, House of the Devil, and more are discussed. Enjoy!


F BombCast 141: Standby for Technical Difficulties

This episode was a labor of love. About 30 minutes of the show are gone due to my stupid thinking that i could do more than two things at once. Oh well 15 DC Comics not reviewed, can you take a guess what i said …. hint THEY WERE FUCKING AWESOME. The horror talk is on there with a discussion of the slasher genre. And more movies than you can shake a machete at are discussed int hat first hour. I am still disheartened by the part we lost so my ability to write a funny intro is not here this morning. Movies discussed Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, House of 1000 Corpses, Saw, nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Laid to Rest, Subspecies, Poltergeist 2, Beetlegeuse, Haunted Honeymoon, and more.
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F BombCast 108: For the Love of Richard Marx

What a show! We learn a deep dark Secret about a long time listener, Monkeyboy. Saw 3D is as much fun as watching humans getting tortured can be, and Nimoy proves yet again that Yes he is a god, especially when he is paired off with the fabulously wonderful Jeff Goldblum. Walking Dead is spoken of more and we will enlighten you on what makes a zombie a zombie. Episode two will be next week, due to a co host not having the ability to record shows. Comics are discussed a lot; Special Agent Zero, Superboy 1, Sickness in the Familly, The Beginning of the Jason Aaron Ghost Rider Run, Vertigo Resurrected 1 (Shoot Specifically), and Spiderman 647. And last but not least we learn that Joe Q and Douchetastic Tom Brevoort believe that all their fans are morons. A press release and Junket is done for the the addition of Red Hulk into the avengers, yet none is done for a price drop, since Marvel doesn’t do press releases for everything, BS!!! (and in true f bombcast fashion this episode contains 100% no richard marx)

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F BombCast 107: Super Dooper Fun Party

We are back with a vengeance. Well, almost everyone as Mike decides that Football is better than you people but he sends us his better half, and Kevin and I trudge through besides our urge to just sit in front of Fox News and drink from the Keg of Victory. Saw VI, Let the Right One In, and The Walking Dead is discussed to close out our month of horror. What candy bar does kevin like so much that he had to think about it. Comic talk is all over the place as Superman 703 and 704, Walking Dead Volume 5 & 6, Superman: Earth One OGN, and Velocity 1 & 2. Go check out Monkeyboys 30 Character in 30 Days challenge.http://www.30characters.com/author/keithknudsen/

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F BombCast 56: Full Circle Jerk

FBC Shirt3

This episode is about as good as it gets as we talk Horror, Beatles, and comics. And semi in depth look into the master film making of that perennial classic Jeepers Creepers and TJ’s favorite film franchise SAW. We then discuss the beatles remasters; Find out who is a Paul Person and who is a John Person, or don’t, i really don’t care. We then touch on the solo careers of the two intelligent beatles and discuss which is better. IN comic talk we discuss Return of Shadowhawk on the iPod and Spacedoubles. Then Kevin talks about the Fable Novel, Peter and Max. Just like Deadpool 900 this episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Bea Arthur.

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