Sequential Underground #71

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Sequential Underground
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Nick Marino talks to Aaron Conley (artist), Damon Gentry (writer), and Brendan Wright (editor) about Sabertooth Swordsman. It’s a new genre-defying story published by Dark Horse Comics, currently serialized as six $0.99 digital comics that will become a hardcover graphic novel this November.


In honor of the story’s antagonist, the Mastodon Mathematician, we want to hear your best alliterative villain name. Leave it in a comment on the AudioShocker by July 25th. The runner-up will get all six digital issues of Sabertooth Swordsman. The grand prize winner will get all six issues PLUS an awesome sketch by Aaron Conley!

But enough about giveaways! From pitching to printing, we discuss each and every step of the Sabertooth Swordsman production process on this profound podcast. (See, that’s the magic of alliteration right there.)

We take a bite out of some big issues, from the story’s use of female characters to tale’s cultural background to Aaron’s visual influences to Damon’s bright and punchy dialogue. Also, keep an eye out for September’s Dark Horse Presents #28, featuring a lush Sabertooth Swordsman short story in full color!