Radio Free Asgard 330

This week, it’s hammer time, as we bang away at issue 12 of the Mighty Thor, which reveals…. the secret origin of Mjolnir! There are dwarves galore, Odin dickery, “I got a rock!” and to claw it all back on topic, The God Storm! This… is not… a drill!

Radio Free Asgard 328

This week we cover The Mighty Thor #10! As Roxxon Island prepares to pulverize New York, Thor and Bobblehead Roz Solomon face off against Oubliette Midas, the Silver Samurai, the B.E.R.Z.E.R.K.E.R.S., not to mention Dario Agger himself! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 327

This fortnight, we look at The Mighty Thor #9, from 2016! Oubliette Midas and the Silver Samurai have captured Dario Agger, and it’s up to Thor and Roz Solomon to save him to keep Manhattan from being destroyed! This is, as they say, an all-action ish! Don’t miss it!

Radio Free Asgard 326

This week we have a look at a very unusual business meeting, Dario Agger gets picked on, Jane Foster gets abducted by Shield, and Roz Solomon returns! All in The Mighty Thor #8!

Radio Free Asgard 325

This week we’re looking at The Mighty Thor #7! It’s Grey Hulk…er…Bodolf the Black…against the world, as he takes on not only Thor, but Loki, as well! Meanwhile, Dario Agger goes hunting dwagon!

Radio Free Asgard 280

This week we finish the first story arc of the current Mighty Thor series with issue #5! It’s Thor vs. Odin, mostly in the background, with a lot of other stuff going on! Malekith gets married! Freyja gets stabbed! The Warriors Three get ignored! Nuff said, True Believers!

Radio Free Asgard 277

This week we look at Mighty Thor #3! Girl Thor faces off against Lady Loki in the general vicinity of a building with a very female shape! Freyja faces trial! Alfheim gets bombed! The crowd of Lokis goes wild! Co-starring Tom Hiddleston as Loki McPubeface. Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 276

This week, it’s Mighty Thor #2, courtesy of Aaron and Dauterman! Thor defends Alfheim from Roxxon and Malekith’s evil army, while Heimdal gets thrown in jail, and Loki tries to prove himself to King Laufey, despite his face pubes! Plus I have a few basic thoughts on Wonder Woman (no spoilers)! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 275

OK, how about something a little more recent? This week we look at Mighty Thor #1 (2016) – Yes, it’s the continuation of Jane Foster’s adventures as she goes up against a falling satellite, everyone sings “It’s Raining Elves!”, the Avengers show up and then leave, and Loki gets face pubes! Fluff said!

Radio Free Asgard 212


This week we wrap up our coverage of the Girl Thor series with issue #8! We also pretend to be surprised by the big reveal of the Thunder Goddess’s true identity! Featuring about a zillion guest stars! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 211


Happy Autumn! As the weather cools, and leaves start to discolor, we have a look at Thor #7! It’s Girl Thor vs. The Destroyer!! Also, Dario Agger and Malekith wreck up Candyland!

Radio Free Asgard 210


This week brings us the gorgeous Thor #6, as the mysterious mystery of the identity of the new Thor drags on! And the Agger/Malekith plot plods on forever! Plus the origin of The Minotaur! But hey, at least it’s really pretty to look at!

Radio Free Asgard 208


This week it’s Thor #4, as we have a knock-down drag-out fight between Thor Odinson and our mysterious thunder goddess! Plus Malekith! Dario Agger! plus, Thor gets a new arm!

Radio Free Asgard 205


This time around, we continue our coverage of the Girl Thor series with Thor #2! This issue features, frost giants, trolls, an elf, and our very special guests… our friendly neighborhood cicadas!! Who says this isn’t the Marvel age of aggravating ambience?

Radio Free Asgard 204


This week, a return to “normal” as we cover Thor #1 (2015) – the debut of Girl Thor! Plus,  I also give some thoughts on the Ant-Man movie (no spoilers)!