F BombCast 137: Escape From Beneath the Dirty Podcast

The Month of Simians continues with the next two pictures in the sci fi masterpiece, Beneath the Planet of the apes and Escape from … wait for it… wait for it… Planet of the Apes. What do you call a meal that only allows one serving but makes you get up to fix your own plate? Lazy shitdick waiters, is what i say. How about a bar that only stocks Spiced Rum but 5 different brands of it despite it tasting exactly the same? A fucking shitty bar is the correct answer. KEvin reveals how Nice guys finish last even on an afternoon train. What is that you hear? Oh kevin still going crazy about people being called racist by not liking the new Ultimate Spidey ( and he even likes it). And TJ Blows his daughters mind explaining shade the changing man.


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