Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at Fan Expo Dallas 2017

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Our Man in Dallas

This past weekend Derek attended Dallas Fan Expo 2017, and there he was able to talk with several creators and publishers for the podcast. Some of his guests are individuals who have been on the podcast before — either while at conventions or on regular interview episodes — although some are appearing on The Comics Alternative for the first time. Those talking with Derek on this on-location show include Robert Wilson IV, Terry Moore, Raechel Alexis Gasparac, Ed Brisson, Joe Eisma, and Matt Hawkins. Enjoy, won’t you?

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The Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at Fan Expo Dallas 2015

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Talk from the Floor


Fan Expo Dallas was held May 29-31, and this year Derek was there in Artists Alley talking with a variety of creators. Some of those he spoke with are famous names and individuals who have been on the show before. Others were new to him and, and Derek used the opportunity to introduce himself and Comics Alternative listeners to their fascinating works. He begins by talking with two artists who have spoken with him at various cons in the past, Robert Wilson IV and Joe Eisma. The latter shares his experiences having illustrated Bitch Planet #3, the amount of attention that has brought him, and his warm relationship with Kelly Sue DeConnick. Robert also follows up on the success of Knuckleheads, which was released as a book last summer from IDW. Joe Eisma talks not only about his most recent work on Morning Glories, now in its second “season,” but also about doing a variant cover for the relaunch of Archie. After that, Derek speaks with two teams of creators whose work he has just discovered. Through Stephen G. Totten and his friend Mike, he learns about the webcomic Angry Cuddles, and how this work (written by Stephen and illustrated by Joseph A. Valero III) has recently become a video podcast. Derek also talks with Mark Schmidt, publisher of Stratum Comics, and his partner, Vince Chuter. Their title, The Threat, is an action comic reminiscent of Heroes placed in a Judge Dredd-type universe. Next, Derek talks with Steve Epting about Velvet — the second trade has recently been released — and the kind of fan response he’s been getting at the con. Steve shares a few words about working with Ed Brubaker on this creator-owned title as well as their collaboration on Captain America and Winter Soldier. After that, Jemma Young introduces Derek to her webcomic, Children of Eldair, her collaboration with its writer, Rachel A. Oaks, the title’s dedicated fanbase, and the challenges of putting out installments on a regular basis. Derek also meets Hector Rodriguez whose El Peso Hero, published through Rio Bravo Comics, is a potent mixture of superhero stories, sociopolitical commentary, and an exploration of race relations on the Southwestern border. Finally, Derek wraps up with Ellen Natalie, whose webcomic Furry Experience provides a glimpse into young adult experiences as they relate to religion, relationships, and coming of age. This was a particularly busy convention, and The Comics Alternative thanks all of these creators for taking the time to share their thoughts and experiences with its listeners.



Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 83.1: Talking with Creators at Fan Expo’s Dallas Comic Con

Talk from the Floor

dallas-comic-conFor this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Derek is back at the Dallas Comic Con talking with a variety of artists, writers, publishers, and even animation voice actors. Among his guests are Yanick Paquette (artist on the new Swamp Thing), Jimmy Palmiotti (creative force, behind Harley Quinn and Painkiller Jane), Joe Eisma (artist on Morning Glories), Andy Hirsch (illustrator of GarfieldAdventure Time, and Regular Show), Robert Wilson IV (artist on Knuckleheads), Tim Harris (publisher/creator of Renegade Comics), Don Rosencrants (production manager of Literati Press), Shada-RoyalJeremy Shada (the voice of Finn on the Adventure Time cartoon), and Man of Action Studios creators Steven T. Seagle (creator behind Imperial, House of SecretsAmerican Virgin), Joe Kelly (writer of I Kill GiantsBang! Tango!, and Douglas Fredericks and the House of They), and Duncan Rouleau (artist behind The Nightmarist and The Great Unknown). There was a lot of activity and a lot of fun talk. And now you can experience the con vicariously by plugging into this podcast episode!

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A very special thank you to Sophie Birdwell and Marc Bullard, who, as our press liaisons, showed us the layout of the floor, introduced us to many in Artist Alley, and literally took us behind the scenes for some special moments. And another big thank you to Joe Kelly, who gave Derek a signed copy of his wonderful book for adolescents, Douglas Fredericks and the House of They.

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 55.1: Talking with Creators at the October Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days

Fun Times at the Dallas Comic Con

NealAdamsAnother Dallas Comic Con was held this past weekend, October 4-6, at the Irving Convention Center. Derek was there looking through comics, taking in the sights, and talking with a variety of creators and publishers. He recorded his conversations, and you’ll find the fruits of his labor in this new episode. This con was filled wtih celebrities, cosplayers, and comics sellers, but Derek headed straight for the people who are actually the heart and soul of the event: the writers, artists, and publishers of comics. While on the floor JoeEismaDerek was able to get brief interviews with Joe Eisma, Cary Nord, Robert Wilson IV, Josh Howard, Andy Hirsch, Richard Dominguez, Michael Golden, Steve Niles, and comics legend Neal Adams. He also took the time to engage with folks at several independent publishers such as Terror Comics (where you can find Life Is Brutal and Thought Nog), Overground Comics (home of Absent SteveNilesCaptain and Graduate), Space Gun Studios (publishers of The Old Ones and Dash Bradley), Comic Book Divas (with Miss Misery’s A Haunting Desire and Penny Dreadful’s Cauldron of Terror), and the local distributors of Vamplets. There’s lots of fun talk and interesting insights, so listen along as Derek meanders the convention floor.

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