Wayne’s Comics Podcast #239: Bohdan Neswiacheny and Rob Torres, Bob Salley


Ready for two informative interviews about new comics? First up is a chat with Bohdan Neswiacheny and Rob Torres about their new book Souls Eternal #1 from Hashtag Comics. They discuss how their love of anime has influenced this great new series, as well as delving into the characters and what else they’re working on currently! To get this debut book, you can go to this link. Both Bohdan and Rob give information on how to follow them during this interview!

Then everything wraps up with a fun chat with Bob Salley, who’s returning to talk about his Salvagers and the fact that there’s a new issue, number five, on the way! We discuss many aspects of the series, including exploring the various characters, what will be new and different in this new storyline, and how to help out with his new Kickstarter, coming at the end of this month! Don’t miss it!