Shattercast 22 – What do Bobby Hennan and Masturbation Have To Do With Comics?

*Warning – This episode is particularly explicit. If you are offended by topics such as masturbation, religion, man boobs or Bobby Hennan, you may find this episode disturbing. Listener discretion is advised.*

Davin returns to the guest position this week to add his unique and controversial viewpoint to the discussion. He, Gavin and Jake take a look at infamous tracer Rob Granito, Dark Horse’s Your Highness comic, Hentai cracking into the Oxford Dictionary, Joanne Siegel’s letter from beyond the grave and a Pope Manga comic.

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F BombCast 123: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Let the F BombCast give you a roundhouse kick to the junk as we go over our top five martieal arts movies. but to get to that you will need to sweep the leg of The League, David Mamet, Kev’s New aprtment, Rob Granito,and some general tomfoolery. Better get you a body bag. And you all know what comes next, that is right everyone. I spinning elbow to the comic solar plexus. Daredevil: Born Again, Ivy, Skull Kickers, Hack Slash are all given a Muay Thai Knee to the head. Enjoy!


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