Just Another Fanboy 166 – Did Someone Ask For More Harold?

Harold’s back, folks. And this week we are going to talk about Captain America Vol. 1: Castaway In Dimension Z by Rick Remender and John Romita Jr.
Did we like it, hate it, or are we split?
We also talk about the new DC Universe Infinite app, video games, and much, much more.Find the episode now on:

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EMBS Episode 002: Locke and Loaded

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

EMBS (don’t make us spell it out for ya!) Ep. 2 talk as of March 6th 2020! It’s a round robin of rancor, resentment, real-talk and respect as the guys Sound off with spoilers on…

Locke and Key (Netflix)
Outsider (HBO)
Dan Didio gone from DC Comics
DC Allstars Podcast Episode 34 (Podcast)
Rick Remender and Amazon
Superman Smashes the Klan (comics)
Gurren Lagann (anime)
Kill La Kill (anime)
Castlevania Season 3 (Netflix)
Lucifer going to Season 6! (Netflix)
Fairy Gone (Anime)
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Anime)
Good Omens (Amazon)
The Good Place (Netflix/Hulu)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
Counterpart (Starz)

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Uncanny Nerdverse Review: Death or Glory Vol. 1

“It’s Breaking Bad meets Gone in Sixty Seconds.” -Ryan

Join Ryan and Allen for this discussion on Rick Remender, Bengal and Rus Wooton’s “Death or Glory”. Without spoiling anything, there’s still a ton to discuss.  Thanks for listening!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #342: SDCC 2018 Interviews – Part 3

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Alisik, Helge Vogt, Rick Remender, Deadly Class, Image Comics, Titan Comics, goth, graveyard, school,

We wrap up our coverage of San Diego Comic Con with two great chats, if you will! First up is Helge Vogt, co-writer and artist on a fascinating book called Alisik, made available in the U.S. by Titan Comics.  We talk about the main character, her situation, her friends, and where the book might go from the first two issues! For more on the series, check out the Titan Comics online store!

Then everything wraps up with a news conference with Rick Remender, creator of Deadly Class from Image Comics! A word of warning: Mr. Remender likes what we call explicit language, so be prepared! He discusses how he’s making the upcoming Syfy show as close to the successful comic as possible, among other things! For more, check out the Syfy website!

Comics Alternative, Episode 278: Reviews of Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus, Death or Glory #1, and Black [AF]: Widows and Orphans #1

Time Codes:


Difference Is Good

This week Paul and Derek focus on three titles that are strikingly different in nature. They begin with Maximilian Uriarte’s Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus: The World’s Most Popular Military Comic Strip (Little Brown and Company). This is a hardbound volume of the entries included on Uriarte’s webcomic, and it collects strips published between January 2010 and December 2016, most of what you’ll find on the site. Terminal Lance Ultimate Omnibus also include the strips published in the Marine Corps Times. Although the guys know next to nothing about military (specifically Marine) life, they approach this text on its own terms and with a full awareness of its intended audience.

Next, they look at Rick Remender and Bengal’s Death or Glory #1 (Image Comics). Both of the guys marvel over Bengal’s art, pointing out that the visuals are what largely drive the narrative in this first issue. But both are also fans of Remender’s work, and as Paul points out, this new title bears many of his stylistic stamps. This is a title that has a lot of promise, and it’s yet another Remender series for the guys to keep up with.

Finally, Paul and Derek discuss something never before covered on The Comics Alternative: a title from Black Mask Studios. The first issue in Kwanza Osajyefo and Tim Smith 3’s Black [AF]: Widows and Orphans has recently been released, and the guys speculate on this ancillary tale in the Black storyworld. Although Paul is familiar with this universe, this is Derek’s first foray into Black. As the guys discuss, this is an action-packed first issue, although at times a bit chaotic. Some of this confusion, in fact, may be due to the visuals. Nonetheless, it’s a title worth checking out.

ComicsVerse Episode 86: Interview with Rick Remender

After covering many of his works, such as DEADLY CLASS and UNCANNY X-FORCE, over several ComicsVerse podcasts, we’re proud to present Episode 86 of the podcast — our Rick Remender interview!

LISTEN: Check out our ComicsVerse podcast episode on DEADLY CLASS!

Over the course of the conversation with ComicsVerse CEO Justin Alba, Kay Honda, Matthew Murphy, and Marius Thienenkamp, Remender discussed his history and influences as a writer, his stances on the medium, the creative process, and collaborating with other artists.

LISTEN: Part 1 of our two-part podcast about UNCANNY X-FORCE!

In discussing his Marvel works, we focused on his fan favorite run on UNCANNY X-FORCE, a book that many consider a modern mutant classic. What’s the secret behind the book’s captivating moral dilemmas? How did Remender approach working with a set of characters that all share a dark side, or as Justin put it, a killer instinct, and how did he manage to give them a human side? Spoiler alert: he might not be thinking about some of the characters he wrote as enthusiastically as one would assume!

LISTEN: Our discussion about the ethics in Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE on the Ethics in Comics Podcast!

Of course, we didn’t miss out on discussing his numerous beloved works for Image. Be it LOW, TOKYO GHOST or DEADLY CLASS: themes like narcissism, fatherhood, and a fear of the future seemed to reoccur in his books, so during our Rick Remender interview, we discussed what these elements meant to him personally.

In talking about these works, Remender not only gave us amazing insight into his work ethic and creative energy but also into his personal morals and philosophy – be it as a punk-rock enthusiast or as a father. If you ever wanted to see his intimate and artistic side – this Rick Remender interview might be for you!

This podcast is also available on iTunes, Spreaker, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, and Sticher.

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source: https://comicsverse.com/episode-86-rick-remender-interview/

Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 84 – Season 4

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Lost Boys #1, Shipwreck #1, Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1, Seven To Eternity #1, Nights Dominion #2, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast-logo-84

News In Comics…. – 2:28- 12:21

Lost Boys #1 – 12:21 – 25:31

Shipwreck #1 – 25:31 – 34:09

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1 – 34:30– 46:43

Seven To Eternity #1 – 46:43- 59:32

Nights Dominion #2  – 59:32- 1:12:48

Books to look for – 1:12:48

*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 83: The Dark Angel Saga and Rick Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE (part 2)

Despite its youth, “The Dark Angel Saga” is already considered by X-Force, X-Men, and many other comics fans to be a modern X-Men comics classic. Not only is there a revisit to X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse universe, but Rick Remender’s arc on UNCANNY X-FORCE also offers several interesting parallels to Chris Claremont’s classic– “Dark Phoenix Saga.”  What sets this UNCANNY X-FORCE run apart from other 21st century stories? What makes it so staggeringly heartbreaking? We delve into that and more in this podcast.

In addition to discussing various plot twists and character dynamics, UNCANNY X-FORCE’s motif of embracing one’s killer instinct makes up a large portion of this episode. Rest assured, we made time to dish on which X-Force characters are our favorites and which X-Force characters resonated the most with us on a personal level all while examining Rick Remender’s closing arc that managed to wrap up the underlying moral conflicts and conclude this epic story arc flawlessly.

LISTEN: Want more Rick Remender podcasts? Check out DEADLY CLASS!

We dedicate a segment of this podcast to the work of the diverse set of artists on UNCANNY X-FORCE, such as Esad Ribic, Julian Totino Tedesco, Mark Brooks, and others. Finally, we conclude by applying the techniques for developing a three-dimensional character created by legendary acting coach, Susan Batson, in her book– Truth, to engage in character analyses of Archangel (Warren Worthington, III) and Psylocke (Betsy Braddock).

Episode 83 concludes a two-part series on UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender. In this episode, ComicsVerse CEO, Justin Alba, and German staff writer, Marius Thienenkamp, co-host this podcast joined by Mark Hassenfratz, Dellen Miller, Kay Honda, and Jamie Rice.

CLICK HERE: Part 1 of the UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender Podcast!

For your convenience, this podcast is also available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher!

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source: https://comicsverse.com/uncanny-x-force-by-rick-remender-part-2/

ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 82: Rick Remender’s UNCANNY X-FORCE part 1

Episode 82 of the ComicsVerse podcast represents part one of our two-part series on the legendary UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender. ComicsVerse CEO Justin Alba is joined by his co-host Marius Thienenkamp (who had the honor of visiting New York and the ComicsVerse office for the very first time) as well as panelists Kay Honda, Mark Hassenfratz, Dellen Miller, Nolan Bensen, Jamie Rice, Corey Spanner, and Nick Marinelli.

LISTEN: The iconic X-Men crossover AGE OF APOCALYPSE revisited on the ComicsVerse podcast!

As one of the darkest entries in the history of X-Men related books, UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender is also considered by many to be a modern masterpiece, UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender offers a lot to talk to discuss. The book delves incredibly deep into the psychology of characters such as Wolverine, Deadpool, and Psylocke as well as the ethics of superheroism in general. As the mutants form a secret assassination squad, they are more and more often forced to question their understanding of morality– and so is the reader!

In this episode, the podcast crew analyses the UNCANNY X-FORCE by Rick Remender’s ongoing motif of fighting against or embracing, for the greater good, one’s killer instinct. It discusses the various plot twists and character dynamics amongst Rick Remender’s leading cast members. Where does Warren Worthington, III end, and Archangel begin? What implications does Betsy Braddock’s relationship to him hold? What are other important motifs throughout the book? Which characters did we enjoy the most? Those questions, among others, will be answered!

CLICK: Listen to our X-Men Podcast comparing Xavier and Magneto’s ideologies!

Stay tuned for part two, in which we further delve into the run’s most important story arcs, DARK ANGEL SAGA, and THE FINAL EXECUTION, apply the Susan Batson character analysis test, as well as comment on and discuss the book’s art!

For your convenience, this podcast is also available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher!

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source: https://comicsverse.com/uncanny-x-force-by-rick-remender/

Episode 153: Reviews of The Dharma Punks, My Hot Date, Tokyo Ghost #1, and FutureFantasteek! #16

Listen to the podcast!

Life, the Universe, and Everything


This week the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics explore four new titles, each quite different one from the other. They begin with the new graphic novel from New Zealand creator Ant Sang, The Dharma Punks (Conundrum Press). On the surface it is a story about coming to terms with death, but there’s much more going on in this 415-page book. In fact, this is one of the most ambitious narratives the guys have encountered so far this year, and certainly the most philosophical. Its protagonist, Chopstick, tries to comes to grips with the suicide of a close friend and what that loss means in his own life, while at the same time participating in an anarchist act against a corporate franchise. The events in the book take place roughly over a two-day period, but one of strengths MyHotDate2of this narrative is how Sang manipulates time in a Faulkner-like manner, making the past ever-present. This is a rich and complex text, and at times Gene and Derek feel at a loss trying to put the gist of The Dharma Punks into words for an audio podcast. Next, the guys take on a much more constrained narrative, but one that is nonetheless multifaceted in its own ways, Noah Van Sciver’s My Hot Date (Kilgore Books). This is an autobiographical comic, and as the title suggests, it’s about a date that the fourteen-year-old Noah has with someone he met via America Online. Van Sciver has written short memoir-inspired stories in the past, but this is the longest, and definitely the most humorously self-deprecating, that he’s produced to date. This is just one of the many comics that Van Sciver has released over the past year, many of which are published through Kilgore Books…a growing presences in the Two Guys’ arsenal of go-to small publishers. After that, Derek and Gene turn their attention to the first issue in Rick Remender and Sean Murphy’s new series from Image Comics, Tokyo Ghost. This is a futuristic story that takes as its premise the overriding and ever-present impact of on-demand digital culture in our lives. This inaugural issue does a fine job of setting up this narrative world, but Gene wonders if the nonstop action and complex visuals may be too much at times. Lastly, the guys take a brief look at an issue of an online zine they have just discovered, Jackie Batey’s FutureFantasteek! Issue #16 was released at the beginning of 2015, and while the latest installment can stand on its own, Derek and Gene suggest that the title can best be appreciated when read over the course of its run. For those with a diverse taste in comics, this episode is definitely for you!



Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 63

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Bombshells #1, Guardians of Knowhere #2, Gears and Bones #1, Deadly Class #15, Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1 , and more ………..

Run Times –PODCAST logo2

News In Comics…. – 4:41- 31:35

Bombshells #1 – 31:35- 42:42

Guardians of Knowhere #2 – 42:45- 54:34

Gears and Bones #1 – 54:34– 1:04:29

Deadly Class #15 – 1:04:29- 1:11:38

Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1 – 1:11:38- 1:26:24

Books to watch – 1:26:24

*** If you would like to ask a question of our panel you can email at – top5podcast@hotmail.com ***

Ultimate Facepalm 143: Powers TV Series and Chappie movie review, Howard the Duck #1, White Power Milk and human wastes of skin triggered by The Joker Variant Batgirl cover

It’s UFP MANIA!!!!!!

We have a TON of stuff going on!

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It’s St Patricks Day – Bunnings get your shit together!

UFP Crew Talk Topics and Questions!

Movie Review: Chappie (at one hour and 2 mins)

Nerd News! (at one hour 16 mins)

RIP Terry Pratchett

New Superman and Wonder Woman outfits

The Joker variant cover for Batgirl #21 triggers useless wastes of skin

You can buy the Hulkbuster armour for just over $20k!

Lego Jurassic World…. Big whoop!

Kevin Smith is a fat useless cunt… Oh and he’s doing Mallrats 2


Howard the duck #1

Southern Cross #1





Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep: #202: Fantastic Four Trailer, Uncanny Avengers and Batman

Fantastic Four Trailer

On this podcast, Doctor Fluxx from Feed it Comics sits in as we talk about the Fantastic Four trailer, A.K.A. Jessica Jones casting news, Terry Crews and the new Jimmy Olsen. Then we review Uncanny Avengers #1 and Batman #38 (sorta). Listen in!


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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #199: Dead Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and AXIS!


On this podcast we talk about the mid-season finales for The Flash, Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Then we review Marvel’s “game-changing” Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #7. Who is your Daddy, and what does he do? Listen in?


Which series had the best mid-season finale? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know.

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #196: Ash vs Evil Dead! AXIS! Iron Man! Captain America!


On this podcast we’re joined by The Professor from Rhymes With Geek as we talk about the return of Underoos and Ash vs Evil Dead. Then it’s on to some new Marvel titles with reviews of Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #5, Superior Iron Man #1 and All-New Captain America #1. Marvel up. Listen in!

The Underoos WE WANT from Foshkos.