My Comic Shop History 3.12: The Spider’s Web

Host Anthony Desiato brings his comic shop odyssey to a close (for now) in the season finale of My Comic Shop History. Anthony’s final stop is The Spider’s Web in Yonkers, NY, owned by former Alternate Realities customer Paul Borrero. Paul and store manager Andrew Gonzalez reveal how their perspective has changed four years into running the store, air some industry grievances, and identify potential avenues for growth. PLUS: Anthony welcomes a special guest to close out the season. The journey continues next year in the My Comic Shop Country documentary film. My Comic Shop History returns with Season 4 in 2018.

My Comic Shop History 3.3: Midtown Comics

Host Anthony Desiato continues his journey to comic book stores around the country with a visit to Midtown Comics in New York City. Anthony is joined by Ted Alexander (Store Manager, Downtown location) and Henry Varona (Marketing Assistant & Events Coordinator) to discuss how Midtown operates on such a large scale while still remaining a local comic book store. BONUS: Following his conversation with Ted and Henry, Anthony brings in Dan Greenfield (13th Dimension) to talk about the customer experience at Midtown.

Deconstructing Comics #391: New Yorkers and Comics!

From HellTim Across America, pt 1! Tim visits with the New York Aspiring Comic Creators Club, a networking group for some guys who are trying to get their comics made and seen while they earn their livings doing other kinds of art. What story points do they find is easier, or harder, to get across in sequential art form? How are they publicizing their work? That and more.

Also, in Ask a Retailer, Tim talks to Matt Seneca at Bergen Street Comics, where they’ve announced that most Marvel and DC books will no longer be shelved. Why not?

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