Comic Frontline Live #153: We Ain’t Afraid of No Honk!

The Comic Frontline crew returns with another episode of their weekly LIVE show, Comic Frontline Live!

This week, the Gonzogoose becomes the butt of a few lame jokes and starts a movement! Plus Resident Evil, Superman, the Venom movie, and much more!

Plus, we give our Top 5 and Worst Pick, Cover of the Week, Most Anticipated, what’s coming up, coming out and going on, and more!

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The Grawlix Podcast #20: Science Wizards

Grawlix Podcast Logo CPNGlowing reviews all around on this episode of The Grawlix Podcast. Our science wizards rave about this month’s Poll List pick ‘Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla‘ and then revel in the misery of The Walking Dead TPB Volume 3. They even forgive the trespasses of the 1996 Doctor Who movie. The good will can only carry so far, though, before discussion turns to the Resident Evil film franchise… for some reason. Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro, Greetings, In-house News
00:19:07 – Doctor Who: The Movie (1996)

00:32:47 – Next Month’s Poll List Pick: Wolverine Old Man Logan
00:37:02 – Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla #1-6

00:59:44 – Umbrella Corporations and Resident Evil

01:07:58 – The Walking Dead Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars

01:49:37 – Reflections on Grawlix Bytes #3
01:57:02 – Pimpage, Outro

Additional Topics & Links Mentioned
Electronic Media Collective Radio
Fatboy and Captain Llama Podcast
‘Blood’ by SuperScience

The Grawlix Podcast Links


12 Days of Zone 4 – Day 8: 2015 Video Games

It’s day 8 of the 12 Days of Zone 4 as I talk about some video games I’m looking forward to in 2015!

Ultimate Facepalm Page 2: C Bomb’s Halloween UFP Page Solo Mess!: Age of Ultron teaser trailer, Deathstoke #1 and Benedict Cumberbatch is Dr Strange


Did I scare you like a young man who’s condom breaks inside his 16 year old girlfriend whilst mid-bang?

No? Well, I’ll have to try harder on next years’ Halloween show!

Here we go….

UFP Talk Tops and Questions

 – Top 5 Horror movies

 – Resident Evil Hate ’em or Rate ’em

 – Exploring JUST how horrible has become

 – Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr Strange

 – Favorite horror comics WITHOUT zombies


 – Age of Ultron teaser trailer

 – Ewan McGregor verbally smashes Star Wars “fans”

 – Captain Marvel again rumoured for Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Comic reviews

 – Arkham Manor #1

 – Deathstoke #1

 – Goners #1

Zone 4 #291: NYCC: Flawless Victory

This week, Brant, John, Gordon and Ron talk about a bunch of news coming straight out of (and after) New York Comic Con 2014.

We talk about DC’s film slate, Resident Evil and Underworld coming to TV, Civil War returning in comic and movie form, Powers, Daredevil, Top Cow’s Talent Hunt, Mortal Kombat, and much more!

And we close out the show with announcements as usual.

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This Week’s Links and Topics


More to be added later…

New York Comic Con

John’s Facebook Page

Pro Se Productions

New Comic Day

Jamie and the Fisheyed Goggles

The Purple Scar, Vol. 1

Moonstone Comics

Rocky Mountain Con

Tall Pulp

Chicago Tardis

Singularity: Rise of the Posthumans

Assailant Comics

Comic Frontline

Wrapped in plastic # 41 – Zombie!

on this episode:
-jay’s picks
-game review – resident evil mobile
– retro replay : 28 days later
-zombie comics
– the a to z of bad zombie movies
-one to watch
-scot’s thoughts

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