Zone 4 #329: Dollar Bin Christian Bale!

In this episode of Zone 4, Brant’s written out, Dollar Bin Christian Bale is in, and be vewy vewy quiet… it’s Bat Hunting Season!

The crew returns to discuss a very light week of news that spirals out of control. The Facebook Shout-Outs return in full effect. Then, just as the main topic (Comic Relaunches: Good or Bad for the Industry?) gets started, Brant gets booted out!

Listen in for all the insanity!

Zone 4: Special Update for 2015

Brant Fowler gives a special update on the future of Zone 4 going forward with a new format, new cast members, new programming, and more!

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 76


In this special episode, I discuss all 52 comics being released in the upcoming DC Reboot/Relaunch come this September. I talk about which ones I’m looking forward to, and which ones I’m not. Every other podcast is talking about it, why not me too?

F BombCast 131: Burnt by Fear Itself

You know what is in the news and not talked about by anyone else, The DC reboot. What is that you say? You say that this has been discussed ad nauseum by everyone on the internets, and even us last week? Oh well did those other shows talk about teen girls and wonder woman’s love of big black cock? Didn’t think so. Green Lantern, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Gossip Girl, No you are not listening to the Comic Queers, stay with me here. Flashpoint and the tie ins are discussed as well as Kevin wanting to cum on asian woman. Kevin has a strange greeting when he meets hot young girls, come learn more. Also discussed is Herc, Birds of Prey, Zatanna, and Invincible. Enjoy!


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