Image Addiction – Episode 61

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Show Notes

This episode DeWayne, Mike, and Chris have all gathered around the table to discuss as many comics as they can in just 60 minutes.  They reviewed: GREEN WAKE #6, LAST OF THE GREATS #2, INVINCIBLE #84, INFINITE VACATION #3, HEART #1, MAGDALENA #9, SAVAGE DRAGON #175, THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHOR STRODE #2, SPWAN #213, XENOHOLICS #1, BUTCHER BAKER RIGHTEOUS MAKER #7, GLADSTONE’S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS #6, GUARDIANS OF THE GLOBE #6, RED WING #4, and WALKING DEAD #90. The show ends up with a discussion of where we think WALKING DEAD should go and we slip into insanity.

Also, we announce our MORNING GLORIES #1-6 contest. All you have to do is “like” us on Facebook to be entered (if you already “like” us then you’re also entered). Post to our Facebook page under this episode’s entry and get an extra entry in to the contest! Contest ends November 30 at midnight EST.


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Comic Book Pitt #71 – Weekend Update

Dan and Scott each had pretty memorable weekends and both were related to comics. After swapping stories, there is actual conversation about some recent comics, including Ultimate Fallout #6, Red Wing #1 & 2, Batgirl #24, Fear Itself #5, Thunderbolts #162 and Avengers #16.


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Comic Timing – Episode 124: Review Corner Catch-ALL

Hey Everybody! This is Ian and Brent’s Review Corner Catch-ALL! We’re getting all caught up before DC relaunches in September! We go over:

Moon Knight #1
Captain America: Fighting Avenger
Captain America #1
Iron Man #500.1
Super Dinosaur #1
Red Wing #1
Young Justice #1
Kirby Genesis #1
Jennifer Blood #1
Doc Macabre #1
Halcyon #1
Infinite Vacation #1
Shazam #1
FF #1
Brightest Day #23-24
Daredevil Reborn#1
Daredevil #1
Dollhouse: Epitaph #1

As always – we are sponsored by DCBS! That’s right! Discount Comic Book Service! This month you can get the entire DCnU for 50% off when you buy all of them – otherwise they are at an astonishing 42% off! And for those of you who have not used DCBS before you can save an additional 8% off your first order via the promo code: CT8. Here are our Review Corner picks for the month:

Shade #1


Star Trek/Legion of Super-heroes #1

Burnt Weiners Episode 081 Loose Ends – Cobra Civil War – BPRD


COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBRA!!!!!!!!! Bo and Weed both try out some new series and things outside of what they have normally picking up, all while John proceeds to laugh at the anatomy chart he found in his uncle’s garage . . . he he he

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam Warrock – “Sixth Gun”

0:00:50 – Intros & Nefarious Plans
0:03:15 – Lady Mechanika #2 (Aspen)
0:09:05 – BPRD Hell On – Earth Monsters #1 (Dark Horse)
0:12:28 – Loose Ends #1 (Twelve Gauge)
0:18:20 – Ghostrider #1 (Marvel)
0:23:35 – Red Wing #1 (Image)
0:27:25 – Gladstone’s School For World Conquerers #3 (Image)
0:32:10 – GI Joe: Cobra Civil War #1 (IDW)
0:37:35 – Birds Of Prey #14 (DC)
0:44:15 – Johns Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), American Vamp Survival Of The Fittest #2 (Vertigo), All Winners Squad Band of Heroes #2 (Marvel), Lil’ Depressed Boy #5 (Image)
0:48:00 – Bo’s Medley: Crawl To Me #1 (IDW), Punisher Max #15 (Marvel), Daken #11 (Marvel)
0:52:45 – Weed’s Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), X-Men Schism #1 (Marvel), Dollhouse #1 (DH)
0:59:25 – Outros and More Nefarious Plans

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 175 (7/17/11)

Jam-packed episode this week! Pick Of The Week goes to Scott Snyder & Sean Murphy for American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2 (Vertigo)! Fast Five picks include Amazing Spider-Man #665 (Marvel), The Red Wing #1 (Image), Hellboy: The Fury #2 (Dark Horse), X-Men: Schism #1 (Marvel), and Green Lantern #67 (DC).

No review show next week because of Comic-Con!

Image Addiction – Episode 54

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Show Notes

This episode we finally get to introduce our new 3rd Chair – DeWayne Feenstra!  After DeWayne’s introduction we get right in to the show with talking about the new creative team on WITCHBLADE.  Then it’s reviews for the new releases.  We discuss REPULSE, GUARDING THE GLOBE #5, MARINEMAN #6, GLADSTONE’S SCHOOL OF WORLD CONQUERORS #3, THE LI’L DEPRESSED BOY #5, and wrapping up with RED WING #1.
We then take a look ahead at next week’s new releases and pick out three books you should be checking out: WITCH DOCTOR #2, ELEPHANTMEN #33, and AVENGELYNE #1.
We recieved a couple of emails with some great questions and a new discussion game for us to use when we have the topics to discuss.
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