Super Hero Speak – #89: The New MC2

Is Marvel trying to copy the success of DC’s New 52 with their Secret Wars event this summer? Is Marvel trying to align the comic books with the movie universe? Is Marvel just really out of ideas so they are just rehashing some of their biggest events? Well this week Dave, Ben and John joined by 2 very special co-hosts, Frank Duran of Real Books Don’t Have Batman and Johnny Fournier of Sumptin – Sumptin, explore these very questions. We may not find the answers, but the journey is always fun, enjoy!


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#stumpthegeekspeak question from last week: Who is the fastest Flash?

Answer: Wally West

And the winner is Andrei Caloi! Congrats you are this week’s Honorary Beard of Knowledge!

#stumpthegeekspeak question of the week: Who was the first major character to die in the Marvel Ultimate Universe?

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RBDHB: Year One Vs Zero Year

RBDHB: Year One Vs Zero Year

In our final Year of the Bat Special, we do a comparison/overview of Batman: Year One and Batman: Zero Year.

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RBDHB: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader

RBDHB: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader

The Year of the Bat Specials make a triumphant return with Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert’s “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”, Gaiman’s swan-song for the mythos.

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RBDHB- Batman: The Black Mirror

RBDHB- Batman: The Black Mirror

Before Zero Year, before Death of the Family, before Court of Owls, there was the Dealer and James Jr. Today we try and put into words how much we enjoy Scott Snyder’s first run on Batman. This is The Black Mirror.

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RBDHB – Batman: Dark Victory

RBDHB – Batman: Dark Victory

After finally finishing up X-Men (for now), the Year of the Bat specials continue with Batman: Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale.


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RBDHB – X-men: Days Of Future Past Review

The franchise culminates yet again in the time traveling sequel/prequel… X-Men: Days of Future Past.

X-Men_Days_Of_Future_Past_Modernized_Comic_Cover btman 5

RBDHB: Godzilla Review

Today we embark on the Matthew Broderick-less Americanized King of the Monsters and review Godzilla 2014. Skreeonk.

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Super Hero Speak – #48: Everyone wants to be like Marvel

Recently the CEO of WB confirmed there is a Justice League movie coming along with the Batman/Superman movie. He also said there are more announcements to come soon. Is this real or are they just trying to be like marvel? Join us this week as Dave. Ben and special co-host Frank Duran of Real Books Don’t Have Batman as we explore this and many other of the recent comic and movie headlines. Is Marvel really doing another massive Spider-man event with multiple Spider-men? Still having nightmares about the Clone Saga. Sit back and Enjoy!


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Super Hero Speak – #45: Legends of the Knight


We have a very special episode this week. Dave along with special co-host Frank Duran sit down with film maker Brett Culp. Bret is the creative mind behind the independent documentary “Legends of the Knight”.  It is a documentary, not just about Batman, but about the impact of storytelling. This film shows how Batman has been an inspiration in many people’s lives. How he has given strength to people who feel powerless. This is  a very powerful film. Along with the release of this episode we are launching a Tugg campaign to have the movie shown in the Philadelphia area (our home base).   A percentage of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the National MS  Society. so look for more information on that coming very soon. For now please sit back and enjoy the interview, and stayed tuned for ore info soon.

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RBDHB: Gutler Interview & New Intro Music

Heading towards our 100th episode, we are making some big changes at RBDHB. Starting with we now have a new intro song for RBDHB by the awesome Gutler! Listen to it in all it’s glory right here and be sure to check out his music!  Also be sure to download the track, cause it is free!

A fun interview with the artist that made our new intro music for RBDHB. We talk the new song, playing Magic and we get hyped about Superior Spiderman!

Also download the new song here Yupfrank – Rbdhb-new-theme-song-by-gutler

Find Gutler here @gutlermusic

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RBDHB: Vengeance Of Bane

The seeds for Knightfall continue to flourish in Batman: Vengeance of Bane. Frank & Deshawn continue their Year of The Bat specials!

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RBDHB Live #2 Superman The Animated Series

Due to the snow day that has halted everything in the North East, Deshawn & Frank had to stay inside today. So that means no comic reviews for this week buuuut we decided to do a podcast anyways & turn it into a LIVE event. Come chat Superman The Animated Series, DC Comics and Batman VS Superman News at Real Books Don’t Have Batman Podcast goes live on youtube!

We are going to be talking Superman The Animated Series!

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RBDHB: Justice League War

Warner Bros. Animation delves into the New 52 with Justice League: War, based on the first story in the New 52 involving the team, and like always, we’re here to discuss it.

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RBDHB: Cathy Leamy Interview

RBDHB got to interview Cathy Leamy at MICE 2013, we talked health care comics, what diabetes can do to your dick and how she makes all her comic minis.

The Audio only version of this interview:…

Check out the video version of this interview:

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Real Books Don’t Have Batman 7/17/13

I think Jeff Lemire has taught us what PETA would be like in the DC Universe, let’s hope we never come to this in our own world.

This week we review:
Batman ’66 # 1 (:55)
What-If?: Avengers vs. X-Men # 2 (2:40)
Deadpool # 13 (5:25)
Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man # 25 (8:00)
Batman & Catwoman # 22 (11:45)
Wonder Woman # 22 (17:10)
Animal Man # 22 (21:40)
Justice League of America # 6 (25:05)