Comics Alternative, Episode 307: A Publisher Spotlight on Glom Press



This week Sterg and Derek focus their critical spotlight on the 2018 publications from Glom Press. This is a little-known publisher out of Melbourne, Australia, that is a buried treasure. They publish a lot of interesting material, gems that may fall out of the attention of most listeners. The guys discuss Glom’s various releases from last year, including

  • Guidebook to Queer Jewish Spirituality– Mira Schlosberg
  • The Claw: The Terrible, Beautiful Claw– Marc Pearson
  • Saliva Tide– Michael Hawkins
  • Galapagos– Mandy Ord
  • Sexy Female Murderesses– Eloise Grills
  • Mystical Boy Scout#4 – Aaron Billings
  • Swimsuit– Rachel Ang
  • My Big Life– Baily Sharp
  • Psychic Hotline– Leonie Brialey

Be sure to check out Glom’s websitefor more information on these authors and as a way to get these books!