Comic Timing Episode 165 – Part 2: Spider-Man Movie News, 2014 Wrap-Up Conclusion and More


Double the pleasure, double the fun! Not only do you get two episodes in a matter of days, but this episode itself is two episodes in one! First, Kris and Ian talk all about the Spider-Man movie franchise news, including his appearance in the Marvel Movie Universe, plus Kevin Feige’s involvement in future Sony Spider-Man movies. We also discuss the Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker movie debate, the Fantastic Four trailer and how it will more than likely not be for us, Michael Fassbender potentially playing Boba Fett, Ian finally watching Blade for the first time, Peggy Carter: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (both Kris’ praise, and Brent’s dislike from a pre-show conversation), The Walking Dead (SPOILERS) and more!

We then segue into the rest of our Best and Worst of 2014, questions 8-15, featuring Ian, Brent, Brandon, Chad and Yanni. Expect things to be just as grumpy, exhausted and insane as they were in Part 1. It’s a mess, but in a good way. Enjoy!

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