Comic Frontline Live #131: Poops & Giggles (Blame Mike Spider-Slayer)


Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it!

This week the crew are down by one and discuss: The Inhumans get Royal! Legends time jump to a new night! The GLC joins Justice League! Justice League Action arrives! The Wild Storm is coming!

Plus Worst Pick, and The Top 5 comics of this week, Most Anticipated 3 comics for next week, let your voice be heard in our weekly poll and more!

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Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner – Drinky Talky – Episode 138


In this special Comic-Con 2012 episode, I’m joined again by Matt (Duke of Douche) and Darcy (The Destroyer) to recap Sunday of the convention. We talk about asparagus, Doctor Who, and overall likes and dislikes with the Con this year. WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT!

F BombCast 94: Who? Dr. Who that is!

In a episode as tight as a 17 year olds vagina(For us Fathers of Girls this is more of a hope than a statement), A lot of awesomeness and geekitude (it is my god damn show i can invent words if i want to) is discussed. We learn the secret to ass wipery, the greatness of Matt Smith as Dr. Who, The shear lyrical ability of Anvil, and Our Top Five Perfect Albums, with lots of audience participation. The Old may have lice, But that doesn’t stop them from riding the bus. Monkey wants to know what we are watching (when it is not Porn) and the boys either watch no current TV or have the worst memories that has ever been recorded on the interwebs. Comics, Comics, Comics: Superman 701 is given the old How do ya do, as well as wonder woman 601, GI Joe Hearts and Minds 2 and 3. Thor the Mighty Avenger is revisited, Solar Man of the Atom is mentioned in Passing, and you are teased into a Fight that could be on hand for Next week, over the one and Only Brian Michael “I am the next great writer in America” Bendis. Enjoy Folks!

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F BombCast: 89: Comics? Yeah, We Like Comics

You want to know how tired TJ is? Just look at the title of the Episode in iTunes, it is misnamed, It was supposed to be Comics, Yeah we Like Comics, but Oh well, we talk like comics too.  After about 15-20 minutes of stories of his daughters fecal matter, His fathers selfish TV viewing, and Tales of touring with Phish, Kev and TJ break out the comic talk and it just never goes away. There are so many discussed that i will try to hit them all, We talk Hulk 23, Supergirl, 53, Superman 700, Detective 866, Titans Something, The Wolfman/Pérez Titans OGN coming out in september and a Shit load of the Ultimate books. If that is not enough comic talk for you then we also break out some comic news discussing Recent Castings as well as the new appointment of Jeph Loeb at marvel. Get out your geek hat, For Comics is the special of the day.

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F BombCast 86: Heroes Con Wrap Up

What was going to be 88 is now 86! This is the show we recorded after drinking a lot of scotch on the last day of the con for us. We wrap up our buys and our experiences with Ryan from the Trip and the Incredible HulkCast. Honestly i was slightly buzzed and Kevin was piss drunk so what ever is on this show will be a surprise to me too. I do remember talking Booster Gold 32 and the Justice League Generations Lost books as well as Avengers #1. We also learn that when dave is in front of his Artistic Idol, he turns into a 14 year old trying to ask out the head cheerleader. Other than that, No clue folks, Experience it with us! Enjoy!

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F BombCast 70: Holy Hand Grenade, We Talk Sidekicks

Episode 70

Just a shaft and a ball, but we sure do hit all our regular subjects. Music, Cum, Poop, Comics, Movies, Music, kirby, Morrison, It is all in there. I am so super tired today so this is going to be not so witty, nor that long. Movies we talk about American Splendor, Valkyrie, IT Crowd, The Tudors. Music is W.A.S.P. and Paul Gilbert. TJ throws in his man crush Mike Portnoy and Nikko McBrain. Hellblazer and and the Golden Age sandman are also spoken of in Passing. We have a great top 5 Sidekicks from TV/Movies that are not superhero related. It really is a good show that this description is doing nothing for. Sorry, Just listen, Your ears will thank you with a reach around.

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F BombCast 64: In Pinkest Night

FBC Shirt3

Such a great episode that TJ Forgot to Number it in iTunes. Topics Discussed: Materials used in personal massagers, the art of fecal throwing, and the lost ability to randomly just start talking about episode from 80s TV shows. We also learn the situation with the Situation, and what type of douche bag strikes a guidette.With Mike away, TJ and Kev bust into comics talk galore. Comics Discussed: Shade the Changing Man Vol 1, DC Holiday Special, Madame Xanadu, Milligan’s run on X-Force and X-Static, Dark Avengers, and Realm of Kings. Then an indepth look at the Blackest Night event so far. Hope ya enjoy.

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F BombCast 47: G’nort K’nudson

FBC Shirt3In Episode 2 without the shaft, a stunk cock named Keith is brought in to help the flacidity of TJ’s electronics. A new segment called the Insta-Five is announced and gets off to a roaring start as the boys  delve into a whole new level of geekery as they recall there top five episodes of Star Trek: The original Series, By Name and off the top of their head. Secret Six and Doom Patrol are discussed as well as other comics. We learn that Kevin has no real sexual deviance besides Taxicabs, and That Rob Zombie’s Halloween was the greatest Re telling that ever was (can you tell TJ writes these things).

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F BombCast 46: Charlie is a Lonely Cougar

FBC Shirt3We are TJ-less again folks, so you won’t get to hear the great stories about his daughter being an anti Semite. Comics are discussed as the boys learn there is ne’er a segue that they don’t like. Blackest Night and Flash Re birth cause much angst towards the Untouchable DC , and the two disc Watchman is not loved by all we find out. A audio blow job is given to Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of The hunter and the boys discuss the top Five Cougars (Defined as famous women over 40).

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F BombCast 43: Yank Dave’s Doodle

FBC Shirt3With the fearless leader unable to participate due to a dead hard drive, an old co-host steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park. TJ is rather unhappy to have missed this one though as cocks were talked about in the first twelve minutes. It’s time to talk about current reads and you will not be disappointed as The Nobody and Bone are discussed. Transformers, Green Lantern, and Thor movie news is in there somewhere and lastly we Jam pack this monster of a show with an awesome Dune discussion.

F Bombcast 42: We Dare to be Frank about Miller you Devil!

FBC Shirt3Holy Hell is that a long title for an episode. Does the contents of the show warrant the amazing use of TJ’s Wit?  You will have to listen and decide for yourselves. In this Episode many things are discussed, much of which I cannot remember even though I did the show last night and just listened to the show this morning. Kevin talks about cutting his comics budget and three LCS’s just went out of business. Midtown even offered to show him the glory hole in back where all the good customers get to “enjoy their books.” Frank Miller is the spotlight and we learn what a man of honor and virtue he is. Oh and I think Poop is discussed somewhere. Shoot us an E-mail,,

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