Podcast Vérité #15 – German Taco

Podcast Vérité
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Welcome to Podcast Vérité. The concept is simple — 3 topics, 20 minutes. Neal picks a topic, Nick picks a topic, and you pick two topics.

1. Who’s the audience for the RoboCop remake? Neal was watching the new RoboCop trailer and all he could think was, “why are we still putting out movies that don’t have a chance to make a good ROI?” Well, it turns out that Nick is the audience for these unnecessary 80s and 90s action movie remakes like the new RoboCop and Total Recall, not to mention shameless throwbacks like Escape Plan.

2. Why doesn’t Marvel charge $5.99 for every comic? Ed Quillin wants us to talk about Marvel’s fantastic value-priced comics that make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Neal and Nick both agree that these modern corporate comic books are delivering so much quality that there’s absolutely no way whatsoever that the company might be price gouging.

3. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Seth Fronzoli poses a culinary conundrum that inspires passionate debate and historical exploration. We agree on the definition of a sandwich as “meat and/or other ingredients between bread”, which somehow leads Nick to the conclusion that a hot dog is just a German taco.

Also, after the end theme, Neal reminds everyone that he hates Spider-Man and would NOT go get a hot dog with Spidey, Chris Christie, and Paul Verhoeven.

We want your topic ideas! Leave ’em in the comments by Sunday, Jan 27th and we’ll discuss our favorite suggestion on the next episode.