Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 86.1: A Roundtable Discussion on Trade Waiting

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

On this special episode of The Comics Alternative, Andy and Derek are joined by the guys at the podcast Comics for Fun and Profit for a lively discussion on trade waiting. They discuss the pros and cons of buying single comic-book issues, the reasons why you may want to wait for a trade instead of getting the monthlies, which current titles work well serialized and which are much better presented in one longer story, and how their personal buying and reading habits affect their preferences for trade editions. This is the first time these two podcasts have experienced a “crossover event,” and given the fun everyone had, it won’t be their last.


And remember, as Tom Petty said: the waiting is the hardest part.

Much thanks to Drew, Kyle, and Bob for participating on this roundtable! And be sure to check out their podcast, Comics for Fun and Profit.

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 63.1: The Comics and Social Media Panel at the Wizard World Austin Comic Con

How To from Who Do

On this special “point one” show, we present a recording of the Comics and Social Media Panel held at the Wizard World Austin Comic Con on November 22nd. Derek Royal and Shea Hennum were two of the discussants on that panel, along with John Mayo of The Comic Book Page podcast and Russell Latham of The Longbox of Doom podcast. The title of the panel was “Comics and Social Media: The How-To, the How-Much and the Why,” and during the session the four presenters took questions from the audience and shared their various experiences. Among the topics discussed were how to set up blogs and podcasts; the kinds of ways to use social media; how to reach an intended audience via Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr; strategies for contacting publishers and creators; what to expect in terms of set-up and maintenance costs; what kind of software and hardware is needed for your intended purposes; and why anyone would want to make all this effort just to share their opinions and insights on comics. There was a lot of information crammed into that 45-minute panel, and we hope that our recording of the session will be of use to our listeners, as well.


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