Sidekickcast Presents…London MCM Expo 2011

Sidekickcast Presents...London MCM Expo 2011

Last weekend we sent our front-line roaving reporter Sidekick, Joe Glass (The Pride, Stiffs) to the MCM Expo at London’s Excel centre, his mission was to enjoy the show and pick up some interviews, he accepted and came through in true Sidekick style.

On this episode of Sidekickcast Presents… we hear from Howard Hardiman (The Lengths, The Badger), Adam Cadwell (The Everyday, Blood Blokes), Marc Ellerby ( Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter, The Pride, CBGB), Becky Cloonan (Wolves, Flight, American Virgin) and Kieron Gillen ( Phonogram, Uncanny X-Men, Journey into Mystery).

Music through the episode is a track called At Home by Crystal Fighters which was used in the Thrill Electric trailer revelealed at the Expo, which you can see here.

As always our thanks to the guests for agreeing to to talk to us and a special thanks to Joe Glass for stepping up to the plate.

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