The Funnybook Underbelly 4 – Peter Bagge


This month Chris Honeywell and Johnny are BACK to sing the praises of the lovely and talented PETER BAGGE! From the awesome Neat Stuff comics to the iconic HATE! comics to today, P. Bagge has been delighting readers with his light, kind spirited stories for children and gentle souls… or am I thinking of someone else? Also: AIR PIRATE FUNNIES – HARVEY PEKAR and Chris tells the motion picture industry to POUND SALT! FUN FOR EVERYONE!



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Alternate Reality – Episode 260

Alternate Reality - Episode 260

Alternate Reality – Episode #260

You don’t wanna miss this episode of Alternate Reality as Jon gets an opportunity to set down with comic creators Peter David and J.K. Woodward to discuss their IDW collabotation “Fallen Angel”. We had an awesome time discussing everything from JK’s watercolor techniche to Peter’s frustration with DC comics and his eventual move to IDW. So settle in and prepare for geeky awesomeness and we talk with Peter David and JK Woodward.


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0:01:28 – Peter David & JK Woodward Interview

0:40:31 – Close
0:43:40 – Exit Music

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