The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug movie review, a half million dollar Lemonparty and the leg break heard around the world

Happy 2014!


To kick off the year, I’ve got the most laziest show notes ever (i.e. none)

But don’t let that fool you. We’re still rocking the same unique blend of toilet humor, double entendres and mis-quoted rubbish we were churning out last year!

Enjoy! ^_^

F BombCast 147: Welcome back My Friends


Welcome Back My Friends. What you have been here the whole time? Oh then EXCUUUUUUUSE US. We had some shit to deal with and now you can consider it dealt. Sci fi is kind-of brought to a close, but then is restarted as we enter Star Trek month, i think. We learn that Iowa Caucus runner up Rick Santorum may not be the biggest fan of us, but what do we care. Surround sound makes everything better but Lord of the Rings Extended makes your life drop to nothing. Cartoons and Comics, even those of a digital nature are discussed. Enjoy!

F BombCast 93: Watchmen Babies

Kevin is a big fat lousy quitter, as is Mike, But fear not fellow F Bombers, TJ is hanging in there to experience the Cancer that you all crave. San Diego Comic Con just finished up and Kevin Regales you with all the News that is as boring as shit. (Not Kevin’s Fault, nothing really exciting came out.) It does spawn a lengthy conversation where our heroes discuss the possibility of a a Watchmen sequel and who should write it. TJ is on a murdered Kid kick and discusses Lovely Bones as well as Gone Baby Gone and the trailer for the Greatest Ensemble cast Film is discussed, Machete. Monkey Boy breaks out some English lit and we discuss the books that made us love our childhood as well as the ones that made those High School days just a little bit longer. We end up with a kevin insta-Five of top five ended or cancelled Comic Books that we wish would be revived.

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Two True Freaks! Episode 79 – A Two True Freaks Halloween Treat – “My Ideal Halloween”


In this short, but sugary-sweet episode The Freaks share with YOU their individual, unique takes on what makes for an IDEAL night of Trick-or-Treatin’.

First up is Scott’s nice, innocent, family-friendly story of silly, spooky, all-ages fun in the vacation capital of the world!! — But then…Chris delivers the deathblow with his SHOCKING, LURID, SICK & TWISTED tale of Halloween Honeywell-style!! It’s disturbing and wrong and we deeply apologize ahead of time for any trauma you may suffer as a result of listening. And please don’t write, we’re already well aware that he should probably seek professional help. Or, y’know, get laid or something… we’re working on it…

Anyway… Happy Halloween from Two True Freaks!!

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