Comics Alternative, Episode 277: Reviews of Von Spatz, Skyward #1, and Resident Alien: An Alien in New York #1


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This week Paul and Derek discuss Anna Haifisch’s Von Spatz (Drawn and Quarterly), Joe Henderson and Lee Garbett’s Skyward #1 (Image Comics), and Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s Resident Alien: An Alien in New York #1 (Dark Horse Comics).



Wayne’s Comics Podcast #256: Braiden Cox, Classic Peter Hogan

It’s a double-header episode again this week, as #256 features my latest interview with Braiden Cox, who has a Kickstarter project going on right now for Pet Squadron: Defenders of Humanity at this link! I highly recommend this creative Indie comic, and it truly deserves your support before it concludes on Thursday, December 1, at 9:02 p.m. ET. It’s a great title that combines our love for our pets with action and adventure, so be sure to listen to what Braiden has to say!

Then everything concludes with a classic interview I conducted a few years back with Peter Hogan, writer for Resident Alien from Dark Horse Comics. This story is told in a series of miniseries’, and one is going on right now called “The Man With No Name.” I talk with Peter about what the comic is about, including an alien who passes for a human doctor in rural America. We discuss how the title and the characters came to be, and important things you should know to get the most out of this excellent comic! Also highly recommended!


Comics Alternative Interviews: Peter Hogan

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Time Codes:

  • 00:00:25 – Introduction
  • 00:02:28 – Setup of interview
  • 00:03:38 – Interview with Peter Hogan
  • 00:45:36 – Wrap up
  • 00:46:10 – Contact us


Peter Hogan is the guest on this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews. His new miniseries in the Resident Alien line, The Man with No Name, begins next week with the release of issue #1. Derek talks with Peter about this ongoing Dark Horse series and what we can expect in this new narrative arc. They also spend a good deal of time resident-alien-the-man-with-no-name-1-cvrdiscussing the genesis of Resident Alien, possible inspirations for the title, its episodic publishing model, and the working relationship between Peter and the artist of the series, Steve Parkhouse. Derek asks Peter about the stand-alone nature of each storyline, and how, at the same time, he’s able to weave a larger ongoing narrative that binds everything together and develops incrementally with each issue. In this way, and to use American television comparisons, Resident Alien reads like episodes of Cannon or Quincy (which involves another medical professional), with a larger unfolding saga akin to The Fugitive…and, of course, a good bit of My Favorite Martian thrown in for that extraterrestrial touch. And, without giving anything away, Peter also hints about the direction of The Man with No Name and what we might see over the next two narrative arcs.

Wayne’s Comics #111: David Schulner and Peter Hogan

Wayne's Comics, Resident Alien, Clone, David Schulner, Peter Hogan, Image Comics, Orphan Black, Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, Concrete, Dark Horse

You’ll find two more terrific interviews in this special episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast!

First up is David Schulner from Image Comics’ Clone. He discusses how the series came to be and that we just might see this book be translated to television in the near future! He also talks about BBC America’s Orphan Black and updates us about other projects he’s working on.

I interview Peter Hogan next, and we chat about Resident Alien, a successful book available from Dark Horse! Hogan talks about this Concrete-like series  and gives us some ideas about what is coming for Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle in future mini-series’. He talks about how he collaborates with artist Steve Parkhouse and what future product he’s developing , so don’t miss it!

More great interviews coming next week!