Simple 2 Savant Episode 7: Back To The Future?!


This week I put together a buyers guide to help you determine what your next computer purchase will be. I will go over all the possible determining factors that will help you pick the best system to fit all your needs. The hope is to give you enough of an knowledge base that feel confident when going out looking to buy a computer or laptop. Enjoy!


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #176: Batman: Arkham Knight Theories & Comic Reviews!

Episode #176

On this podcast we throw out some Batman: Arkham Knight theories. Then we talk some comics with Starlight #1, Moon Knight #1 and Veil #1. Good times. Listen in!

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Could Rocksteady strike gold again with Aquaman. Foshkos thinks so.

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #136: Saga #12 Review, Trinity War and Batman: Arkham Origins

Episode #136

This week on the podcast we review the controversial Saga #12. What’s all the fuss about? Then we talk a little Trinity War and the next Batman video game, Batman: Arkham Origins. Listen in!

If the panels in Saga #12 offended you, cut out these parody Foshkos replacements and keep reading.


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Two True Freaks! Episode 181 – Our EPIC Video Game Episode!


The Freaks bring the month to a close with their MEGA-SIZED Video Game Episode!! Come along as The Freaks take you from playing PONG to committing MASS MURDER in GRAND THEFT AUTO in an episode 30+ years in the making! Yes, The Freaks have literally seen it all and played it all and now they share it with YOU in this PATIENCE-BUSTING, QUARTER-EATING, CARTRIDGE-BLOWING, and JOYSTICK-SMASHING Episode!



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Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 47 – I’m an (old) PC

Technology is always changing.  In this episode we take a look at the computers we’ve used over the years: From the family PC we grew up on to the networks that drive our homes today.

Show Notes: