Comics Alternative Kickstarter: The Not So Golden Age #2


This weekend Derek talks with Joseph Freistuhler about his current Kickstarter project, The Not So Gold Age #2. This parody of the superhero genre is actually a webcomic, the first physical issue of which Joseph and his co-creator Phil Buck successfully Kickstarted back in 2016. How they’re back to bring the second issue into paper existence.

The Not So Golden Age is the story of several washed up, dysfunctional superheroes. They were once the premier heroes of their generation, but having been unused for so long, they’re relegated to the dreaded public domain. As a result, they now reside in a trailer park outside of Reno, Nevada. That happens.

As Derek’s talk with Joseph reveals, this is a project steeped in humor, from the narrative itself to the mock ads that populate the insides. As the writer reveals upfront in his Kickstarter disclaimer, “This comic may not actually be the best comic you will ever read. However, it is the best comic book my mother will ever read!”

So please, join Joseph’s mother in enjoying the warm, nougaty, comics-filled goodness of The Not So Golden Age by backing the printing of the second issue! You’ll be glad you did.

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Comics Alternative Interviews: R. Sikoryak

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  • 00:04:17 – Interview with R. Sikoryak
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Parody. Big League.

On this interview episode, Derek talks with R. Sikoryak about his latest work, The Unquotable Trump, just released this week by Drawn and Quarterly. The conversation begins with Bob’s apologies for having to write the book and his distaste for the subject matter. But as he makes clear in the interview, these cartoons are his way of dealing with what he feels is a malignant force unleashed by last year’s election. In fact, Bob reveals that the genesis of The Unquotable Trump actually dates from the days before the election, when he was using the figure of Donald Trump — and more importantly, the candidate’s own words — in classic comic-book cover parodies as a way of trying to vent his anger. These black-and-white illustrations originally appeared in a minicomic released back in January, but his publisher, Drawn and Quarterly, convinced him to create more parodic illustrations and release them in a 48-page color volume, oversized in the style of a 1970s Marvel Treasury Edition.

Each page of The Unquotable Trump displays a parody of a classic comic-book cover with the figure of Trump inserted, spouting off comments that the real-life candidate-turned-president actually made. Among the many stylistic allusions Bob makes are to such legends as Jack Kirby, Wally Wood, Bob Montana, Jerry Robinson, Carl Barks, John Romita, Gil Kane, and C.C. Beck. In fact, Sikoryak documents all of his comics references in the back of the text, along with a bibliography of Trump’s actual quotes. But although most of the interview is devoted to the new book, Derek also talks with Bob about other topics, such as Terms and Conditions, the complete colorized volume of what had originally been published as the two-issue mini-comic, The Unabridged Graphic Adaptation of iTunes Terms and Conditions (originally reviewed on The Comics Alternative a couple of years ago), his ongoing work mashing up comics and classic literature, and the genesis of his parodying impulses, reaching back to his days working with Art Spiegelman on Raw.

Arc Reactions – 81 – Jeff

We cover Jeff by Travis Bundy and Chad Thomas in our second episode of follow up fall. We talk about the story, the characters, and interview the writer/artist.

Talking points

Story (1:44)
Characters (4:27)
Art (8:25)
Interview with Travis (9:44)

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #227 With Sam Johnson And Mike Gagnon

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Almighties, Amass, Ms. F, Mike Gagnon, Sam Johnson, Avengers, parody, R-rating, President Barack Obama, Maxi-Tron, Mason, Nite Fang, Stefanos, Deadpool, Joe Cyborg, White House, Agent Coleslaw, Wayne Winston, Joey-Anne the Hooker,

Almighties Amass! This week’s episode features the return of indie comics creators Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon as they update us on their Almighties series, including a new R-rated version of one of their books now available! We discuss the series and the characters included in these books, which has graduated from a parody comic to an adventure comic in its own right! We also talk about the other projects both of them are working on. I admit it – I got a little carried away with the R-rating at times, but it’s all in good fun to promote Sam and Mike’s excellent product! To get your copies, go to their website, at their Facebook group at this location or digitally at! If you’re already a fan of The Almighties or even if you aren’t yet, you’re going to enjoy what they have to say, so don’t miss it!


Gutter Trash – Episode 88: The Experts


The Experts. Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight, and Cavity

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Two True Freaks! Classic – Episode 3

This episode is a rerun that originally aired August 25th, 2008.


Episode 3 – Star Wars: Episode VII – A “What if…?” Discussion

In this episode, the Freaks speculate on Star Wars: Episode VII !!

COULD there be one? SHOULD there be one? We discuss how we might make it. What would be the plot? What characters would we use or not use? What era would we set it in? What we’d LOVE to see!! What we’d HATE to see!!

NOTE: This episode was recorded LONG BEFORE Scott’s head-first dive into the Star Wars Expanded Universe. In fact, this discussion is what inspired him to do so!! Enjoy!!

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