Dark Horse Addiction – Episode 2

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Show Notes

Dark Horse Addiction returns for the second episode!

Join Leo and Charles as they discuss the #1 for $1 issues of Captain Midnight and X, along with Bad Blood #1 and Pariah. (There are likely some spoilers). Also, a quick discussion on the respectability of the Dark Horse name when publishing comics.

Leo and Charles also make plans to ask Mike Mignola and Eric Powell questions at Wizard World New Orleans, whether they want to or not.

Don’t forget to check out the special “.1” episode, an interview with Dark Horse writers Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal which is the companion show to this episode.

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Pop Media Savant Episode 48: Movie Talk: Pariah and Shame

This week I review the movies Pariah and Shame both recently released on home video. I also want to talk about how we purchase our entertainment media has it changed with all the option becoming available to us now a days. Enjoy!

Comic News Insider Episode 355 – Earthquakin’ & Shakin’


Comic News Insider: Episode 355 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Damaged #1, The Heap #1, Pariah #1

After last week’s bamboozling with old co-host Joe, Jimmy flies solo this week to deliver you a snappy and fun show full of comic booky goodness! He’s in the middle of apartment hunting/moving hell but manages to bring you some great news that includes: Harvey Awards winners, DC’s New 52 midnight madness, first villain for new Justice League revealed, Atomic Comics in Arizona shuts down, Marvel releases Daredevil audio book, support ill publisher by buying Sparkplug comic books, Gutter Magazine reproduces Monica Gallagher’s hit webcomic Bonnie N. Collide online,  and Chicago gets an independent comic convention. As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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