Wayne’s Comics Podcast #285: Phillip Sevy

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I have a great interview with comics creator Phillip Sevy in Episode 285 as we focus mainly on his excellent Indie comic Paradox. This one-shot really caught my attention at the recent Comicpalooza convention in Houston, Texas. Phillip wears nearly all the hats in this engaging and thoughtful book, which we talk about, as well as the wonderful creative choices he made when putting Paradox together. To keep up with his future projects coming our way such as The House, you can follow him here on Facebook, here on Twitter, and here on Instagram! Don’t miss this fun conversation!


RBDHB: Justice League Flashpoint Paradox Review


Flashpoint wasn’t just any old Elseworld story, it is the mini-series from 2011 that reset the whole DC line to make room for the New 52. Time has been altered and of course that means the world isn’t right anymore and it is up The Flash to figure out who caused this dramatic change. Is the new animated film adaption Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox “universe changing”? Listen in to find out.

Review is Spoiler free till 13:50

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