Super Hero Speak – #11: Doug Jones


Hey everyone, in this one Ben and I sit down with your favorite actor you do not know. The one and only Doug Jones. In this one we talk about his Mac tonight commercials, Hell Boy, Falling Skies and his new web series RESEARCH. Sit back and enjoy!


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The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 98

In this episode of the FWCP, the gang discuss two comics written by gentlemen named Jonathan. One is a groundbreaking achievement, the other is a derivative failure. Also, Jesse does a review on the recent events in Amazing Spider-Man that’s more in-depth than previously thought possible.



[01:08] S.H.I.E.L.D. #3

[10:39] Amazing Spider-Man 639 + A Discussion on The Gauntlet and Grim Hunt

[25:35] Marvel U. vs. The Punisher #1

[32:22] Avengers Prime #2

[35:15] The Rage of Thor


[37:12] Sweet Tooth 12

[39:03] Nancy in Hell #1

[43:08] Supergod #4

[45:16] Whispers in the Walls #1

[47:37] Crossed: Family Values #3

Live at Big Apple Comic Con with Actor Doug Jones on Catch Da Craze

Catch Da Craze Episode #125 Actor Doug Jones Live at Big Apple Comic Con

Live from the Big Apple Comic Con Summer Sizzler with Actor Doug Jones. Field reporter Michele St Martin gets an in depth interview with the man behind the mask of the Silver Surfer, and many more…

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