Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 67 – Season 3

Comic book round table. This week, we have – All New Wolverine #1, Pacific Rim Tales From the Drift #1, Zen Space Ninja #1, Earth 2 Society #6, KLAUS #1, and more ………..

Run Times –podcast logo 67

News In Comics…. – 2:45- 9:12

All New Wolverine #1 – 9:12- 15:51

Pacific Rim Tales From the Drift #1– 15:51- 22:36

Zen Space Ninja #1 – 22:36– 34:05

Earth 2 Society #6 – 34:05- 46:15

KLAUS #1 – 46:15- 58:01

Books to watch – 58:02

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Comic News Insider Episode 600 w/ Michael Emerson/Anthony Del Col/Vera Greentea/Erica Schultz!


Comic News Insider: Episode 600 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: The Walking Dead season finale, Aquila #1, Jem and the Holograms #1, Miami Vice Remix #1, Hit 1957 #1

It’s the epic 600th episode/10 Year Anniversary recording! As usual, we record our anniversary episodes live at a bar and once again, we were at The Hourglass Tavern (373 w. 46th St) here in NYC. Thanks to Beth, Joss and the staff for taking great care of us all. It was a fun filled night with special guests, a few songs and many a drink. Producer Joe was on hand to take care of all of the tech while Jimmy hosted the grand event. Jimmy chatted with old friend Michael Emerson in a lengthy talk about his career, advice for young actors, fan interactions and more. He also talked to awesome comic book writers Anthony Del Col, Vera Greentea and Erica Schultz. Yes, the podcast wife has lots of great writing gigs going on and coming your way. Alas, a few cancellations over the last week (including some comic artists and actors) but still a great group of guests. Thanks to all! Mad props to guest co-hosts Emily Edwards and Jon Hoche for helping out with news and reviews. And big ups to the CNI Chorus (Rachel Felstein, Erick Pinnick, Emmy Potter, Dana Aber, Amy Wolk and Kristen French) for being so melodic and having fun with us.  News includes: Dark Horse comics is bringing back Barb Wire, the animated The Smurfs reboot gets a release date, X-Men: Apocalypse has cast an actual Asian as Jubilee, Legendary Comics to release a Pacific Rim comic, Fear the Walking Dead is the official name for the spin-off and Maisie Williams will guest star in Doctor Who. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Comic News Insider

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Hall of Toys #16: No Funko for You!

Welcome back to the Hall of Toys!

Brant, Chris and Lisa are back with an extended version from the Zone 4 segment last week!

First up, it’s Toy Talk, ranging from Disney Princesses, to Ghostbusters, to Pacific Rim, to Marvel Comics and everything in between.

Then it’s Game Gab, as Lisa fills us in on what game she’s been playing recently, we talk Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, and more.

Next, it’s a short version of Table Top Talk as we discuss Adventure Time: Card Wars, the DC Deck Building Game and others.

And finally, we close out the show, or at least try to. And there be outtakes!

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Links to Some of the Stuff Discussed on the Show

Zone 4’s 5-Year Anniversary Episode

Toy Talk

Disney Traditions Princess Story Book – Cinderella

Disney Traditions Princess Story Book – Snow White

Disney Traditions Princess Story Book – Beauty & the Beast

Disney Traditions Princess Story Book – Little Mermaid

Disney Showcase Couture de Force Figure – Tinker Bell

S.H. MonsterArts – Godzilla

Godzilla Egg Series – Godzilla

Godzilla Egg Series – Mothra

Pacific Rim – 7″ Essential Jaegers Series 01 – Set of 2 (Crimson Typhoon & Striker

Pacific Rim – 7″ Ultra Deluxe Action Figure – Kaiju Scunner

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Platinum Legends Series 01 – Set of 6 BAF Groot

Avengers Infinite 3.75″ Figure Series 01 – Case of 12

Marvel Chess Figure Collection #003 – Wolverine White Knight

Marvel Chess Figure Collection #004 – Loki Black Bishop

Transformers 3″ Vinyl Figure Exclusive Ultra Magnus

TG32 – Minicon Set

Ghostbusters POP! Vinyl Figures

Ghostbusters POP! Vinyl Winston and Ecto-1

Game Gab


Mario Kart 8

Xbox One External Storage

Table Top Talk

Adventure Time: Card Wars

DC Deck Building Game Crisis Expansion

Comic News Insider Episode 518 – Favorites of 2013!


Comic News Insider: Episode 518 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

It’s our Favorites of 2013 special! We don’t say “Best of” because whom are we to say what’s best? Oh yeah, WE’RE COMIC NEWS INSIDER! Still, call it what you will, it’s our best/favorites/what we liked for 2013 in comics, TV, film and more. Jimmy is joined in studio by The Beat’s Heidi MacDonald, Erika Schultz (M3), Mike Cho and producer Joe Gonzalez. It’s a great, lengthy chat so strap in! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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212 501 6246                                                                                                                           



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W.I.P. # 224 – New Retro

On this episode: Picks of the week, “Pacific Rim”, retro style creators & Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Pop Media Savant Episode 87: Movie Talk: Summer Movie Spotlight Part 2

This week it is all about the summer movies this is part one of my summer movie spotlight series. I will discuss and review in detail the first crop of summer blockbusters starting with Pain & Gain, Pacific Rim, Despicable Me 2 and Man of Steel. Enjoy!

RBDHB: Pacific Rim Review

Jenny Marcano guest stars on this weeks episode! Giant Robots vs Enormous Monsters, throw in the apocalypse and Guillermo del Toro, looks like a must see Nerd film. Yet do all these components make this film worth your time? Listen in to find out.

As a long time fan of Godzilla, I have been waiting for this film, a high budget monster flick with a great director behind it. Find out if it fills that hole inside every Godzilla fans heart.

Review is spoiler free till 10:30




Sidekickcast Episode #83 – A word from our sponsor


This week it all goes wrong from the get-go!
We have special guest and stack Attack sponsor Rob Fish from @fish4comics hell bent on derailing the podcast.

In the intro there’s talk of Comicon-Basketball-Assault, Naked Thundercats and Pacific Rim(jobs). There’s much shout outs and we find out why the comic OG’s hang out in Christchurch!

In the news we discuss X-force rumors and Dr Strange casting.

The chaos ensues with Stack Attack. Reviews include: Satellite Sam #1, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1, Hawkeye #11 & #12 and Lazarus #1.

Rob has to go home, but a special guest makes an appearance for Secrets and Lies! Will it be enough to keep Dan’s winning streak?

Pacific Rim review, Oldboy and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen will be extraordinarily horrible





PHEW! Long-ass show today! Lots to get through so here you go!


New Simpsons might be turning it around

Coining phrases such as “One-handed Ad” and “Gayer than Baz Luhrmann’s browsing history”

The “Jobs” cardboard cut-out may make you not want to see the movie

Another reason why we do the Podcast is revealed (and it’s in relation to a highly implausible scenario)

New vids are up on our YouTube channel

Assholes….. Just….. assholes.



Sh*thead DJ who drove nurse to kill herself is now suing her employers

Getting SO drunk you want to pretend you’re Rebel Wilson

Here’s one for you for free, DON’T visit the Legoland Discovery Centre at the Ontario tourism centre without a child with you



Pacific Rim

Despicable Me 2



Kick Ass 2 review shall be forthcoming

RIPD Movie

Vin Diesel meeting with Marvel

Which was worse; Nic Cage in Ghost Rider or Shaq in Steel?


NERD NEWS! @ 1 hour 30 mins

Oldboy remake

Ales Kot off Suicide Squad

Andrew Hope to write an ongoing Fantomex series

Fox to pick up League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (and it will more than likely horrible)

Curse of Chucky will be released to no audience

Live action Jungle Book adaptation

Sandman Overture, 6 issues being released bi-monthly

New TV spot for Agents of SHIELD

Smash Brothers will now be streaming

Rockstar Job listing hints at PC port for GTA5

Assassin’s Creed IV manga to be released in Jump X on August 10

Game releases for the week:


–          11 July 2013

         Star Wars Pinball

         Wii U


         Toki Tori 2



         Tiny Thief



–          12 July 2013

         Dynasty Warriors 8

         Xbox 360, PlayStation 3


–          14 July 2013

         Mega Man Unlimited


Hellboy 3, Holly Willoughby Vs Katie Hopkins and Luigi’s Mansion 2: More popular than Reef Doctors





Back to our usual bloated near 2-hour format. Hope you enjoy the feast of bollocks talking!


Hipster news: Jim Kelly’s Passing

Bane is now a judge on So you think you can dance

C Bomb’s hate for MasterChef knows no bounds!

Official Statistic: Luigi’s Mansion 2 is more popular than Reef Doctors

Do people from Memphis hate Elvis?


UFP Crew questions

Movie review undertakings

Reminding people what a piece of sh*t Iron Man 3 was

New Perth comic store thoughts

When Pikachu isn’t Pikachu

Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins in ANOTHER class row on ‘This Morning’


NEWS COMPLETELY sh*ts the bed on a story about a local surfer who got detained in the Congo


NERD NEWS @ 1hr and 1 min

DC’s Damian: Son of Batman

Rafael Albuquerque on art for Animal Man

Possible Disney Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon

Guillermo Del Toro pushing for another Hellboy movie or even an Abe Sapien or BRPD TV Series

Both Hideo Kojima and Kayne West endorsements for Pacific Rim

The Goon sequel in the works

The Last of Us devs answer dumb questions

G Money’s Comic Reviews!

–          Lazarus 4/5

–          Uncanny 4.5/5

–          Batman Superman Art: 5/5 Writing: 3.5/5

–          Superior Foes of Spiderman 4/5

–          What if? 2.5/5

Jon Hamm is The Punisher, Robert Barone was actually deaf and porn on the cob (NSFW!)



Just so much to hate on today’s show (so business as usual really)

Let’s get it on! 


Altered Reality TV shitstorm

If you’re a single dude, simply become morbidly obese to get a wife

Labby and Stav need to be put into a lab and then stabbed

Lawrence Mooney is a smug jar of piss

Raymond Ramano’s brother is actually deaf

Hahn Super Dry; Fuck off!

Green Arrow DOES NOT shine bright like a diamond

UFP Crew questions!

First ever pornos

Indie comics turned into movies

Jon Hamm IS The Punisher

Thor’s helmet is nowhere to be seen!

Why do we hate everything?

Become a god to everyone or a god to just nerds?


NERD NEWS! at 1 hr and 01 min!

X Factor Cancelled

Gail Simone to do Plastic Man

New Shazam and Booster Gold series

Death of Wolverine

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Spider Man 2099 Returns

Colin Firth cast in The Secret Service

Charles Soule on Thunderbolts

New Pacific Rim Trailer

New GTA V Promos

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #123: Young Justice, The Beast’s New Look, 2013 and Next-Gen Consoles

Episode #123

On this podcast, we review the return of Young Justice. Then we talk Beast’s new look, pick some of the things we’re looking forward to in 2013 and talk Next-Gen game consoles. Listen in!


Do you like Beast’s new look? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know, or give us a call at (856) 53-SUPER. That’s (856) 537-8737.

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