CCL Podcast #187 – Jack Kirby’s Silver Star and OMAC

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I’ve got a jammed packed show for you this week on the show. As I promised, the feature is Jack Kirby’s Silver Star (Image Comics), but I also throw in a bonus review of his O.M.A.C.: One Man Army Corps (DC Comics). I did so because the two main characters, Morgan Miller (SS) and Buddy Black (OMAC) are very similar and both were modeled after one of Jack Kirby’s and Joe Simon’s most
famous creation Captain America; OMAC even more so. As I state in the podcast, both books are not for a first time Kirby reader. The OMAC series was canceled after issue #6 and is left on a huge cliffhanger while Silver Star is just plain convoluted and difficult to comprehend. Both books however are excellent resources for the Kirby enthusiast and they include many pencil sketches supplied by John Morrow of TwoMorrows Publishing.

If you read my column from Monday on the situation with All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #10, then you’ll be primed for a follow-up segment where I call myself out as a hypocrite (of sorts). I also go over all the Collected Edition related news coming out of the Diamond Retailer Summit and I list the sales estimates for the top 10 graphic novels and collected editions for August 2008. On a side note, I’ll be recording with John Mayo in the next week or so and will post the link to the podcast (as I always do) when it is published. All this including the New Releases of the Week.

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