The Process – Episode 5

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Show Notes

The fifth episode of the writing podcast, The Process. Hosted by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Intrepids, Green Wake), Ryan Lindsay (CBR) and Jeremy Holt (Joy Hog), The Process takes aim at the comic writing industry with the high hope of tackling a stack of interesting topics from collaboration to publication.

Wow Factor – A discussion about our favourite comic moments of the week, be it a specific panel, page or collection of pages. This episode the gents discuss Orc Stain, Uncanny X-Force #14, Animal Man, and From the Ashes and as a direct result of that comic discussion they talk about being ‘Zombie’d Out’.

Progress Report – The gents chat about their victories in personal writing projects and Jeremy lets us know about his recent experience with FanExpo in Toronto as well as a dinner date with Mr. Steve Niles and the setback of having a pitch artist drop out of a project, Kurtis does a FanExpo retrospective where he ‘Released the Kraken’ and talks about his progress into the early stages of writing full time, and finally Ryan talks about an amazing creative collaboration with an artist and forward steps with his novel.

Grill ‘Em! – We open the floor to you the listener, this week we tackle two questions!

Amit via email – How do you go about writing characters outside your own gender, culture, ethnicity, …mental health? What kind of research do you do? And in a related vein: Do you base characters off people you know in real life? Does that help with the aforementioned issue?

The Process – The heart of The Process series where the hosts talk about their personal spin on the creative development of their projects. They take a look at the time of day they write and if there’s a special Batcave where the magic happens.

The Roundtable – An open talk about a random comic related topic, this week the boys discuss if another line wide sweep occurred at the Big Two, and they got caught in the net cast, would they be ready with something up their sleeves?


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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 115 – Kevin’s Choice

The Backroom team resume their discussion about the challenge of comics collecting and give reviews of some recent #1 issues.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 068 Fear Itself #1 – Orc Stain #6

Dropping into Fear Itself after being a bit out of the Marvel Events loop, the Weiners really like what they are seeing done. Lots of talk about plenty of favorites, and it is decided this was one great week of comics!
0:03:55 – Weird Worlds #4 (DC)
0:09:25 – Dungeons & Dragons #5 (IDW)
0:12:50 – SkullKickers Mini-Discussion
0:15:00 – Star Wars: Darth Vader & The Lost Command #3 (Dark Horse)
0:19:53 – DC Universe Online Legends #5 (DC)
0:24:30 – Orc Stain #6 (Image)
0:29:40 – Deadmen Decimation TPB (Arcana)
0:32:06 – Secret Six #32 (DC)
0:37:15 – Jonah Hex #66 (DC)
0:40:35 – Solomon Kane Red Shadows #1 (Dark Horse)
0:47:15 – Brightest Day #23 (DC)
0:52:45 – The Boys #53 (Dynamite Ent)
0:57:00 – Age of Bronze Vol 1 (Image)
1:01:45 – Fear Itself #1 (Marvel)
1:17:15 – DC Universe Online & Wrap Up

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Burnt Weiners Episode 055 Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man

What would you do if you could step out of time and had to save thousands upon thousands of people from a bomb? The Weiners take a look at Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man from Accent UK, which takes a look at that very question. And here is a spoiler . . . WE LOVE THIS COMIC!

Weed checks out Spike #3 (IDW) and then leers for far too long at Lady Mechanika #1 (Aspen). Then moving onto Weed’s Stash, he fondly recollects his time with a choose your own adventure book.

Gronch in hand, Bo is excited about picking up the Orc Stain TPB (Image), and disgrees with John’s love of Thunder Agents #2 (DC) and First Wave #5 (DC). Also a few web comic updates are chit chatted about.

Thor and Jane Foster take John on a magical rainbow ride in THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER TPB (Marvel), before he talks about Justice League Generation Lost #15 (DC) and DCU Holiday Special 2010 #1 (DC).

Bo ends the show with a bit of Crossed talk and sings us a little song from the book!

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Comic Addiction – Episode 116

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Show Notes:

Welcome to a brand new episode of Comic Addiction.  This time out Paul and Chris ask the question, “Why Deadpool?”  But before they get to that, there’s the news:

– Gene Colan’s mugging
– Eisner Award Nominees
– Greg Rucka leaves DC
– Jim Lee demos drawing on iPad

After the news, the guys jump in to some reviews with:

– Chris loving Codebreakers #1 from Boom Studios
– Paul finding Flash Secret Files 2010 from DC Comics has just enough for people who didn’t check out Flash Rebirth
– Chris likes Orc Stain #2 from Image Comics, but not sure if everyone will, and…
– Paul goes on a rant when discussign Deadpool’s addition to Cable #25.


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F BombCast 79: The Ballad of Freddie Legs

Episode 79

The tales of the wedding of Schmoopie to his lovely bride Holly. Who’d a thunk that a Sunday morning wedding would still cause people to drink with reckless abandon. Dave’s Family includes clowns, Sheriffs, Bag-pipers in kilts, and of course Freddie Legs. In this episode you will learn the secret of drinking hard liquor that has never been explained before all courtesy of another friend’s Uncle. We break into comic news and discuss the creative team shakeups over at DC, JMS taking over Supes and Wonder woman, and Winnick taking over Power Girl. We discuss some comics that have been greenlit into TV shows and then we break into the reviews. Our quick shout outs go into Green Lantern Corps 46, Orc Stain 1&2, Fantastic Four 232-234, Uncanny X-Man Something (Kevin’s not in yet to help me and my horrible memory.) Follow TJ’s Advice and go buy a pack of marlboros, Bite off your thumb nail (keep the pinky for your coke habit), and pour a nice glass of Wild Turkey on the rocks. Sit back and enjoy.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 020 Orc Stain #2

GRONCHES ABOUND! The Weiners check out Orc Stain #2 from Image Comics, which seems to be right up their alley for immature fun! Steege decides to sing the whole entire episode while everyone talks a lot about Orcs. Travis talks about the movie Hell Ride, John talks about Nemesis #1 and Guild #1, Steege sings about his Private Idaho at work, Weed talks about the “Brian sound” and the whole crew makes the listeners uncomfortable with their best recreation of the noise. Bo talks about Crossed #9, his trek on Star Trek getting put on hold and TRONVOLD!

Next week the Weiners talk about Blackest Night #8 . . .

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Teenage Wasteland Episode 63 – What’s Up With Ethan Van Sciver?

This week on Teenage Wasteland…

Ethan Van Sciver had a lot to say on his recent Word Balloon interview. Health issues and the lateness of Flash: Rebirth seemed to grab the most attention, but there was something else that he said that really stuck out to me. Also, a few quick reviews and another installment of The Sandbox!

Books Discussed
Filthy Rich
The Leading Man #1-5
Orc Stain #1

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