Episode 233 With Jordan Hart From ‘Terminarch’

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I love a comic that makes me think! That’s why I enjoyed talking with Jordan Hart, creator of Terminarch, an upcoming OSSM Comics one-shot that explores a world in which machines revere humans who have the ability to create art. We discuss how the book came together, who the main characters in the comic will be and, most importantly, what information you’ll need to order it through your local comics shop! Don’t miss it!



The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #42

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast

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Join the GL Spotlight crew once again, this time for episode #42. Frankie and the guys discuss the latest Green Lantern news and review Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3 and The Question #37, the last of the resurrected DC Comics titles in honor of Blackest Night.

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