Comics Alternative, Episode 295: The October Previews Catalog


Going Long

It’s the first of the month, so it’s time to look at the latest Previews catalog! What’s more, this is Sterg’s very first Previews show, and Derek honors this occasion with much fanfare. As listeners have come to expect from the monthly Previews shows, this episode goes long. In fact, it goes extra long, and in many ways this becomes a trial by fire for Sterg as a new cohost. But he rises to the occasion, providing solid and tireless recommendations of upcoming titles. For October, the Two Guys with PhDs discuss a variety of  publishers and titles such as:


Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 56: The October Previews Catalog

But Wait…There’s More!

This week on The Comics Alternative, Gene Kannenberg, Jr. joins Derek to talk about the many great finds in the October Previews. They begin by looking at some of the offerings coming up soon for PreviewsOct2013Halloween ComicFest 2013, then they get into the nitty gritty of this month’s catalog.  Among the many titles they highlight are 47 Ronin and Breath of Bones (Dark Horse), Dead Boy Detectives #1 and The Invisibles Deluxe Edition, Book One (DC/Vertigo), Richard Stark’s Parker: Slayground and The Illegitimates #1 (IDW), The Saviors #1 and The Complete Multiple Warheads, Vol. 1 (Image), Where Bold Stars Go to Die (Slave Labor Graphics), The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson #1 (Bongo Comics), The Midas Flesh #1 (BOOM! Studios), Susceptible and Trove Jansson’s Moomin books (Drawn and Quarterly), The Blighted Eye and Sucker Bait and Other Stories (Fantagraphics), The Fifth Essence Part Two: Planet Difool (Humanoids), The Best of Wonder Wart-Hog (Knockabout Comics), Diesel Sweeties: Bacon Is a Vegetable, Coffee Is a Vitamin (Oni Press), The First Kingdom Vol. 3: Vengeance (Titan Comics), and World War 3 Illustrated #45 (Top Shelf).  This episode is jam-packed with sweet, nougaty comics goodness, and Derek and Gene discuss more good titles than humans should be allowed to read.

Be sure to check out Gene’s for the best in comics research!

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After a month of nothing you should be creaming yourself at the mere sounds of our voices. YOU TAKE WHAT YOU GET AND YOU LIKE IT! or not whatever floats your boat. Actually i do appreciate you all sticking with us during this extremely inconsistent release schedule. Month of horror is upon us and we do not disappoint, at least i hope we don’t. The Collector, the original Dawn of the Dead, The Final, Zombieland, Woman in Black, Let the Right one in, House of the Devil, and more are discussed. Enjoy!


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