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Child Is Father to the Man

On this episode of the interview series, the Three Guys with PhDs — Andy, Gene, and Derek — talk with Brian Cremins about his new book from the University Press of Mississippi Captain Marvel and the Art of Nostalgia. During their conversation Brian discusses why he chose to focus specifically on the Big Red Cheese, what the comics meant to him growing up, and the superhero’s links to nostalgia. As he points out, Captain Marvel isn’t the most popular figure for critical or scholarly discussion, but the contexts surrounding the Fawcett property make it the perfect vehicle for the kind of analysis Brian wanted to bring. Gene, Andy, and Derek also ask their guest about the research that went into his book, the kind of archival investigations he conducted, the correspondences he struck up along the way, his efforts in securing a unique cover image, and his strategies for making this, in many ways, a very personal work.


Arc Reactions – 40 – Batman 66 Meets The Green Hornet

Batman Meets The Green Hornet in this miniseries within the Batman 66 universe. This comic is a sequel to the 2-part episode from the Batman 66 TV show. Does the comic provide anything other than a trip down memory lane? Dylan and John have a great time exploring this work and breaking down what it did well and where it fell flat. Also, John got to try out his Bill Dozer announcer voice in a special introduction to the episode.


Talking points


Batman talks down to Robin (19:48)

Story is too long (22:40)

Heroes have to fight before they work together (26:25)


Trip down memory lane (32:39)


Comics that continue where a popular TV series left off (37:58)

Was this a good story beyond being a trip down memory lane? (55:17)


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As mentioned in the episode

Avengers Vs. X-men
The Star Wars
City On The Edge of Forever
Captain America – The Winter Soldier

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