Comic Book Central #227: Superman Celebration Preview – 40th anniversary of the super event!

It’s my Superman Celebration preview with co-chair of the Metropolis, IL super celebration, Karla Ogle! Get the complete rundown of SUPER guests at this year’s event, plus – Metropolis memories of Margot Kidder & Noel Neill, a behind-the-scenes visit to the Superman Museum with Jim Hambrick, and MUCH more!
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Comic News Insider Episode 699 – Racing to 700!


Comic News Insider: Episode 699 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews:  Cryptocracy #1, Jade Street Protection Services #1, Super Human Resources #1, Zoe Dare vs Disasteroid #1

We are one episode away til the big 700th anniversary recording this Sunday! Jimmy is joined in studio by Rachel Felstein and Kristen French in the rotating co-host chair(s). They are also going to be part of the CNI Chorus this weekend as they have in the past. Oh yes, as usual, there will be songs! In this episode, we talk about more 700 happenings/guests/etc. News includes: the sad passing of TV’s Lois Lane, Noel Neill, Samuel L. Jackson says his Star Wars character, Mace Windu, is still alive, Tom Felton is joining the cast of The Flash as a series regular, Marvel is unveiling a 13′ bronze Captain America statue at SDCC, Pixar says it will only have original movies starting in 2019 and lay off sequels for awhile, and the OED has added “Scooby snack” as a word. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Superman Fan Podcast Episode #102: Happy Birthday, Noel Neill!


Noel Neill was born on November 25, 1920, on Thanksgiving Day! She holds the distinction of being the only performer to appear in all three film versions of Superman: the 1940’s serial, the 1950’s TV show and two movies, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE and SUPERMAN RETURNS.

For more information about Noel Neill and her career:

TRUTH, JUSTICE, & THE AMERICAN WAY: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF NOEL NEILL THE ORIGINAL LOIS LANE An Authorized Biography by Larry Thomas Ward, published by Nicholas Thomas Books. (I want to thank my friend Melissa Abrahemsen for allowing me to borrow her AUTOGRAPHED copy of this book to prepare for this episode.)


ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: FROM INKWELL TO BACK LOT, the special feature documentary to the season 1 boxed set of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN

THE FIRST LADY OF METROPOLIS, the special feature documentary to the season 2 boxed set of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN.




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Two True Freaks! Episode 73 – Comics Monthly Monday #11 – Superman: The Movie!


In accordance with their Movie Month Marathon, the Freaks are very proud to present – Superman: The Movie! Hear their memories of this classic and definitive comic book movie with Christopher Reeve as the definitive Superman! The Freaks will be discussing the KCOP version of Richard Donner’s masterpiece. What is KCOP? LISTEN AND FIND OUT!

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