Teenage Wasteland Episode 61 – Avatar, IDW and All That I am Missing

This week is a special week as I am joined by listener and friend Jeff Sandquist. Jeff usually writes an e-mail to share his thoughts, but this week I thought I would give him the option of the microphone. What is discussed? Everything Jeff is reading: books from IDW, Avatar and other assorted publishers. Plus, a little conversation on Jeff’s career as a comic book fan, and a quick tangent on the Avatar movie.

Check it out; Jeff is a voice to like.

Some Books Featured
Black Summer
The Crossed
Chronicles of Wormwood
G.I. Joe: Cobra
No Hero

Music featured is by The Ataris.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 87 (7/12/09)

Light week, so it’s only a Fast Five episode. Picks include B.P.R.D. 1947 #1 (Dark Horse), House Of Mystery #15 (Vertigo), Punisher MAX #72 (Marvel), Green Lantern #43 (DC), and No Hero #6 (Avatar).

You know what’s coming up? Comic-Con. You know who is going to be there? Me.

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 77 (4/24/09)

What a huge week for comics! Definitely expect a “.5” episode this weekend.  The Pick Of The Week from Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert is Detective Comics #853 (DC).  Fast Five picks include Amazing Spider-Man #592 (Marvel), Invincible #61 (Image), No Hero #5 (Avatar), Ghost Rider #34 (Marvel), and Scalped #28 (Vertigo).

The final winner of the Cammy’s Comic Corner Fan Appreciation Contest is named, and it could very possibly be you!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 70 (3/6/09)

Another huge week for comics! Will I ever get a break?  From Eric Powell, The Goon #32 (Dark Horse) reigns supreme!  Fast Five picks include War Of Kings #1 (Marvel), No Hero #4 (Avatar), Daredevil #116 (Marvel), Batman: Cacophony #3 (DC), and Secret Warriors #2 (Marvel).

Tune in tomorrow for Episode 70.5, where I’ll be reviewing five more picks I didn’t have time for in this episode!  Happy Birthday Goon!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 62

Very enjoyable week for comics!  Pick of the week goes to Neil Gaiman and Craig P. Russell for Sandman: The Dream Hunters #3 (Vertigo).  Fast Five picks include Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #2 (Dark Horse), Punisher #1 (Marvel), No Hero #3 (Avatar), Sub-Mariner: The Depths #4 (Marvel), and Rest #2 (DDP).

The Punisher, Namor, and the King of Dreams makes this week really fantastic!