X-Men Back Issues Ep. 2: New X-Men Vol. 1

Last month Ryan and Allen discussed Grant Morrison’s arc which introduced Cassandra Nova, one person you don’t want to cross paths with. The guys break down issues 114-117 providing play by play coverage. In the end, Ryan and Allen give their overall thoughts on the story presented. Thanks for listening!

This episode was originally recorded on 2/23/18 for Patreon Early Access.

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EMX Episode 37: Zangief Mario

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we review Marvel Comics X-Men books of November 2015 then we take it back to Grant Morrison’s Riot at Xavier’s story arc to witness the birth of Quentin Quire! Featuring guest host Hart Jeffers http://www.solindustries.com.

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All-New Wolverine #1-2
Extraordinary X-Men #1-2
Uncanny X-Men #600

Retro Review
New X-Men #134-138

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ComicsVerse Podcast Episode 54: The Origins of X-Men’s Emma Frost

Emma Frost is arguably one of the most polarizing female characters in X-Men for men and women alike. After reading the 18 issues that make up the origin story — EMMA FROST by Karl Bollers, as well as FIRESTAR, GENERATION X, and UNCANNY X-MEN, we found that not everybody thoroughly enjoys her for the same reasons. The CEO of ComicsVerse, Justin Gilbert Alba, is joined by fantastic editor and contributor Jamie Rice, along with Kay Honda, Malia Knight, Brian Delpozo, and Nolan Bensen for her character analysis based on her origin story. We have an in-depth discussion that delves into her history, characterization and why she allows — and seemingly embraces — the heavily sexualized permutation of her identity. I, personally, don’t believe it can just be dismissed as “daddy-issues,” although her tenuous relationship with her father contributes to why she presents herself as the icy White Queen that can play both villainess and heroine. In fact, it is arguable that she can fulfill any role that a person desires. Although her diamond shape-shifting ability is not discussed in the origin story, it is clear that the power and control she gains over her mutation very cleverly reflect her defense mechanisms in emotional situations. She keeps what’s “hers” deep inside, while reflecting what people want of her off her appearance.

LISTEN: Want more Emma Frost? We discussed the beginning of her relationship with Cyclops at length in Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN podcast.

We also use excerpts from Susan Batson’s Truth: Personas, Needs, and Flaws in The Art of Building Actors and Creating Characters as a reference when analyzing Emma. These excerpts including discussing the three specific facets of her identity: The “Public Persona”(the identity she presents to everyone around her), the “Need” (the identity most authentic to the self but most vulnerable to the world), and the “Tragic Flaw” (the result of the conflict between the “Public Persona” and the “Need”).

Despite the various silly digressions, we go into analyzing her familial relationships, but also how her interactions with peers and other authority figures shape her attitudes toward trust, intimacy, and control. As a personal favorite of Justin’s, as well as various other contributors, Emma Frost is given a shot in this podcast to prove that there’s a true and personable identity and reasoning beneath all the skin, legs, and breasts. It’s easy enough to discount a female character in any medium as being a sexual play-thing at the mercy of the men around her. Fortunately, Emma is not at all such a submissive character, unless that’s what she desires at the time.

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Hope you enjoy another one of our great X-Men podcasts! Don’t forget to show us some love by leaving a comment and letting us know your thoughts! It’s your comments that help us to figure out if we’re giving you what you want!

The following members of the ComicsVerse family appeared in this podcast:
Justin Gilbert Alba, Kay Honda, Jamie Rice, Brian Delpozo, Nolan Bensen and Malia Knight.

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ComicsVerse Episode 46: Interns Take Over! NEW X-MEN by Grant Morrison


In this episode of the ComicsVerse comic book podcast, ComicsVerse interns and contributors take over!

Marius has chosen to dissect to Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN on an in-depth level while having a lot of fun! In fact, we probably got into too much fun! There’s definitely some intense shit discussed about and laughed about here! If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison, comics, the X-Men, Jean Grey, the X-Men cartoon or anything of the sort, you should really enjoy this podcast!

This episode of the ComicsVerse podcast features Justin Gilbert Alba and Kathleen Wisneski as hosts with a summary by Marius Thienenkamp and Jamie Rice. We are joined by a panel of interns, contributors and friends including: Malia Knight, Kay Honda, Brian Delpozo, Chris Massari, Josh Cui and Alex Katz.

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Comic Timing – Episode 154


Let’s go, bub! This episode of Comic Timing is dedicated entirely to the X-Men! Sean Whelan and Jim Segulin of the Raging Bullets Podcast join Ian as they discuss their early introductions to the franchise, some of their favorite runs and creators, X-Men: The Animated Series, the evolution of Wolverine as a character, the X-Men movie franchise leading up to Days of Future Past, Days of Future Past the storyline, The Phoenix Saga and how it has been presented across multiple mediums, and more! Yup, the entire X-Men franchise in under two hours. Now THAT’S what I call a Memorial Day weekend!

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A Podcast with Ross and Nick #134

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #134 right now!

Ross Campbell and Nick Marino kick things off with some brief conversation about The Hollywood Complex. After that, Nick confesses his addiction to claw machines and Ross talks about buying clothes online.

Then it’s time for comics conversation!!! First up is New X-Men and Nick’s theory that Emma Frost is Grant Morrison’s secret cipher. Then Ross and Nick try to make sense out of Xorn actually being Magneto… which almost works except if Xorn is Magneto then how did he bring this bird back to life???

After some Iron Man and Sleepwalker conversation, things turn towards Ross’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan comic and April’s perm. And… why did Ross and Nick NOT go to see The Dark Knight Rises?

There’s also some movie conversation including Dragon Eyes, Judge Dredd, Chronicle, Avengers, Sleepaway Camp, James Hong, and the Then She Found Mecast. Plus, the same puppeteer who performs as Elmo was also Splinter!

Finally, after the end theme we announce the return of EXTREME (Epic X-Men TV Review Endurance Marathon Extravaganza)!!!

Next episode, we’re picking up right where we left off with X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #4243 (s3 e13-14 on Netflix), which is the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga.

**this is the 504th AudioShocker podcast**