Wayne’s Comics Podcast #224 With Nadja Baer And Nathan Lueth

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I first discovered Impure Blood and Melting Down at this year’s C2E2, and after reading their great books, I knew I had to interview creators Nadja Baer and Nathan Lueth. They discuss how they’re bringing the Impure Blood series of graphic novels to fans everywhere, including how Nathan introduced Nadja to comics, how they work together as a team, and how they put these books together, including using laying out the pages in landscape format instead of the usual portrait mode comics often appear in. This series is also a webcomic, with a new page appearing every Monday. We also talk about Melting Down, which is described as “a comic for kids with Asperger’s Disorder and challenging behavior,” a comic I found both riveting and educational.

To check out Impure Blood online, you can visit their website at this link. To buy these books, you can also go to this link at Amazon.com for Volume 1, here for Volume 2, and this location for Volume 3.  Volume 4 is due Winter 2017.Melting Down can be found here on Amazon as well.  You can also purchase their comics through the avenues listed in this episode. Highly recommended!