Wayne’s Comics Podcast #215 With Bohdan Neswiacheny From Resistance Entertainment


You may not realize it yet, but Florida is a terrific place to find people who make great independent comics! This week, I chat with Bohdan Neswiacheny (on the right in the banner above), one of the main creative forces behind Resistance Entertainment, a South Florida company focusing on unique film and television production, novels, music and, of course, comics!

We’ve been bumping into each other at conventions, promising we’d chat for my podcast at some point! During episode 215, we talk online for the first time! We discuss many of the projects Bohdan and his team, including Jeremy Katanic (on the left in the banner above), who works with him on Blackbird, a unique book exploring a culture I’ve never seen comics delve into before! We also talk about Morning Star, a comic in the same universe as Blackbird, his new book Rancor, which he describes for us.

Besides other irons he has in the fire, Bohdan talks about Mind Taker, a film of his premiering on Wednesday, March 9, at the Lake Worth Playhouse in downtown Lake Worth in Florida. For more information on this and Bohdan’s other products, go to this link!