Gotham by Geeks ep 13 Rebirth

Welcome to episode 13 of Gotham by Geeks. Join co-hosts Darrell, Russ, Mike, and Chris as they discuss the world of Batman comic books. In this episode as we discuss some of the Bat family books wrapping up such as We are Robin and Batgirl before diving into Rebirth and Batman Rebirth where we have a surprise visit by Tom King the co writer of of the book and new writer on the Batman title moving forward. Tom shares his thoughts on the book as well as on the first arc of his upcoming run.
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Episode 56 – Take Three!

Believe it or not but we think we have this whole thing figured out. We are in our new home ( and we now know we will not be having our water turned off on Tuesday.

It’s been 5 whole weeks since we’ve been able to do a live show and we couldn’t be more excited.

As always, we will be taking callers (technology gods be willing) and giving out awesome prizes from our great sponsors. Gift certificates from Strange Adventures, posters from Jumbo Video, Empire After Dark tickets from Empire Theatres and of course we’ll be taking more qualifiers for our Premiere Format Mystique Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

Also tune in this week for the beginning of “Manatee Watch ’09”, our first ever cross over with Michael and Ryan from the Chronic Insomnia podcast.

Tune in for no other reason than to hear us fumble around with technology far beyond our understanding.

Mike, Erin, Ryan and Remy

From Where Monsters Dwell

Where Monsters Dwell – Episode 55

It’s opening weekend for the new Star Trek franchise/sequel/re-imagining and we’re going to update you on the opening festivities including but not limited to WMD at your local theatre promoting Hal-Con 2010.
We’ll have Ben Steeves and Gibson Twist in the studio to talk about web comics.

And of course we’ll have your regular chances to win Strange Adventures cash and Jumbo Video ‘Jumbo’ movie banners in addition to taking three qualifiers for the Premiere Format Mystique Sideshow Statue.

Tune in this (or listen LIVE on the net at Wednesday for fun and excitement the Where Monsters Dwell way!

Mike, Erin, Ryan and Remy

From Where Monsters Dwell

Where Monsters Dwell – Episode 54

Listen: Episode 54 – April 29, 2009

It’s opening weekend for X-Men Origins: Wolverine and it’s Free Comic Book Weekend as well. Coincidence?…well, yes actually. But it’s a huge weekend for geek culture and we are your source for all the news that’s fit to be pre-judged.

We’re taking our final two qualifiers for the Indiana Jones prize pack furnished by Sideshow Collectibles as well as announcing our May Sideshow give away.

We’re giving away another Jumbo Video Movie Banner and we’ll be giving away Strange Adventures cash during Beat-the-Geek and Sub-or-Flub.

There has never been more reasons to tune into Where Monsters Dwell on 95.7 FM in Fredericton or at all around the world!

Mike, Erin, Ryan and Remy
From Where Monsters Dwell