Comics Alternative Interviews: Isaac Cates and Michael Wenthe

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Maps and Legends


On this interview episode, Derek talks with Isaac Cates and Michael Wenthe about their creator-owned series, Cartozia Tales. In what will be a ten-issue run, the series is centered on the fantastical realm of Cartozia, complete with CartoziaTales4diverse terrain, detailed histories, and a multifaceted population. As Isaac and Mike reveal in the interview, what began as an exercise in map-drawing turned into an extensive storyworld. Each issue of Cartozia Tales features multiple narrative segments by a variety of creators — Mike and Isaac being just two — and as the series evolves, each writer/artist contributing to a particular storyline builds upon the elements laid down by its previous creators. The result is a collection of tales told by a community of artists, giving the title a true participatory feel. And with each successive issue, the various storylines rub up against and even combine with one another, with different strands weaving into a larger and thicker thread. During their conversation Isaac and Mike share their process of creation, their experiences with Kickstarter, and how their earlier collaboration on Satisfactory Comics set the stage for what was to become a much more involved project. It’s a fun conversation and a great introduction into a world that readers of all ages can enjoy.


To find out more about Cartozia Tales, visit the series’ official website.