Wayne’s Comics Podcast #229 With Brian Berg, Michael NcNaughton

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This week’s episode features two great interviews with creators at Insane Comics! First up is Brian Berg, co-creator of Ghost #1 with Wade Price. Here’s the book’s description: “Crescent City is a place of two worlds. One is of happiness and beauty, the other is a dark place of blood and pain. Corruption flows through the streets as gang leaders and killers make their mark in the deep south. Only one thing stands against them: an urban legend with a thirst for blood. A legend the city calls ‘Ghost.’” We talk about how this great comic came to be as well as what the series is all about!

Then we wrap things up with a fun chat with Michael McNaughton, who does just about everything on GX #1, the first of a high-octane miniseries. What’s this book about? “A dark evil has emerged from the depths of space, in search of a power that would make them gods. They had captured the Boy Guardian of our universe, using the little remaining power he had the Boy Guardian brings together ten unlikely heroes to save our universe! These Guardians ten have been tasked to protect the ultimate power! But first they must learn to be a team, 10 strangers thrown together, a diverse mix of talents and personalities. This epic story takes you on a wild action packed adventure that will touch all of your emotions as it builds up to the climatic finish!” Michael has a Kickstarter campaign underway, and you can support him by going to this link and helping out!

To get your copies of both books, either digital or paper, go to the store at Insane Comics’ website! Be sure to support these great comics!