RBDHB: Nick Abadzis Interview


Our interview with Nick Abadzis the writer of “Laika” & Hugo Tate at MICE in Boston MA.
RBDHB had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Abadzis the writer of “Laika” & Hugo Tate at MICE . We talk Dogs in Space, making your own comics and How a Stickman becomes a man.

You can find Nick Abadzis Here –

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RBDHB: Alison Wilgus Interview

Real Books Don’t Have Batman’s interview with Alison Wilgus from MICE. We talk Cats, Interactive web comics, & SPACE.

Find video version of this interview here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl97w7ADMGI

Audio Only version here – https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb-alison-wilgus-interview 

Find Alison Wilgus Here –

Read A Stray In The Woods here- alisonwilgus.com/astray/index….

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RBDHB: George O’Connor Interview

Our interview from MICE(http://www.micexpo.org/) with George O’Connor the artist of the Olympians series.We talk how he makes the gods come to life, how he creates his comics & being a history buff.

Listen to the full uncut interview here –https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb…

Video Version of this interview: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfjC9_qVrQo

Find George O’Connor here: http://geooco.blogspot.com/

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RBDHB: Cathy Leamy Interview

RBDHB got to interview Cathy Leamy at MICE 2013, we talked health care comics, what diabetes can do to your dick and how she makes all her comic minis.

The Audio only version of this interview:https://soundcloud.com/yupfrank/rbdhb…

Check out the video version of this interview: youtu.be/jmlkizGCYo0

Find Cathy Leamy here- http://metrokitty.com/

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