Real Books Don’t Have Batman 2/19/14

The Mercury Metal Man is red, I call foul. Mercury isn’t red. I demand my stories about men in tights who fly and shoot laser beams to have a modicum of realism.

This week we review:
Justice League # 28 (1:45)
Batman & Two-Face # 28 (4:20)
Harley Quinn # 3 (8:30)
Wonder Woman # 28 (10:35)
Animal Man # 28 (12:40)

btman 5

F BombCast 53: Half a Eunuch

FBC Shirt3

Okay folks the shaft is back again and this time it will be more then the one week teaser like last time. With one ball not feeling very funny the boys trudge through the episode as Half a Eunuch. No one wants to play, The nipple has plans and a Monkey needs to eat. Oh well. We talk about the fast food eating habits of Christ and masturbatory habits with childrens programming. (you know you want to listen now.) We get into Licensed properties as TJ read the crapfest of the new Ghostbuster’s comic and kevin needs knee pads for Geoff Johns and Superman: Secret Origin. There is also a long obligatory star trek conversation. Holy jesus we are nerds. Get it on iTunes, at or download it here: