Burnt Weiners Episode 066 Hellraiser #1 – Brightest Day #22

Young readers titles mixed with talk of sick and depraved comics is what Burnt Weiners does best! Join Steege as he comes to grips with his addiction to football with Orcs. Bo and John have very different feelings on the Hellraiser comic and decide to slapfight to decide who is right. Just in time Weed brings up some spandex and vampire tales to save the day!

0:03:35 – Deadpool Max #6 (Marvel)
0:07:55 – The Spider #1 (Moonstone)
0:10:00 – Sarah Palin vs The World (Antartic Press)
0:12:00 – Unwritten #23 (Vertigo)
0:18:30 – Spawn #205 (Image)
0:21:25 – Neonomicon #4 (Avatar Press)
0:24:30 – Hellraiser #1 (Boom! Studios)
0:30:15 – Captain America & Crossbones One Shot (Marvel)
0:33:45 – Hack Slash #2 (Image)
0:36:20 – Solomon Kane Castle of the Devil/Conan The Spear And Other Stories (Dark Horse)
0:43:20 – Blood Bowl Killer Contract (Boom! Studios)
0:46:20 – Mercury (Anthenum)
0:49:55 – Brightest Day #22 (DC Comics)
0:54:50 – Angel #43 (IDW)

Two True Freaks! Classic – Episode 5

This episode is a rerun that originally aired September 8th, 2008.


Episode 5 – Forgotten And Neglected Television Shows

The Freaks discuss some of their favorite television shows that may have fallen through the cracks. Join Chris Honeywell and Scott H. Gardner for list of idiot-box presentations that have either been forgotten, overlooked, unfairly panned or just plain ignored — but are well worth your attention.


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Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 29 – The Best and the Baddest

We take a look at our top 5 Best heroes and Baddest villians in this episode of Too Old to Grow Up! Plus, we talk with Shawn Pryor of PKD Media about the upcoming collected edition of Mercury and the Murd.
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