F BombCast 125: Got a Black Magic Podcast

A theme song so nice, we thought we would play it twice. Kevin has some audio issues, but does anyone listen for him anyway. (Just kidding of course kev, we all love the wonderful insight that you bring to us, now call me so i can find my phone.) At what age does a young boy need to hear about the glories of masturbation. You may be surprised that it isn’t from birth. When you are getting a dream sketch, should you go with a complex character that only one person draws a certain way, or a character that is basically just a dude, guess which bore fest choose the latter. and of 4 mexican joint choices given Mike picks the 5th one that doesn’t even give you real beef. Oh that silly man. We get into our top 5 Magical/supernatural characters and really everyone is wrong but TJ since the best ones are found in the Demon. END OF FUCKING STORY! Lastly we talk about 20th Century Boys, ¬†Fables, and Warriors Three. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 71: Her Name was Victoria Winters

Episode 71

This is It folks, One of the greatest episode ever put out by the dynamic trio. (Stop your snickering, we have put out some good shows in the past). We learn about how people pee at a urinal. We learn Kevin’s obsession with bald men. We learn that Mike is awesome (really we learn nothing new about mike so We just keep assuming his awesomeness.) Kevin Becomes Master of his domain while watching a show about blood thirsty vampires. Yes folks we go sort of in depth about the greatness that is Dark Shadows. Music is big as TJ trumps Mike’s rock show with a song off the Brand Spankin’ new Rob Zombie Album. Kevin is the only comic reader this week so he Opines all by himself about Didio’s Doom Patrol, Brubaker’s Captain American 602, and Starman 81. The show is rounded off with a list of Top 5 Favorite Villains. Enjoy!

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F BombCast 53: Half a Eunuch

FBC Shirt3

Okay folks the shaft is back again and this time it will be more then the one week teaser like last time. With one ball not feeling very funny the boys trudge through the episode as Half a Eunuch. No one wants to play, The nipple has plans and a Monkey needs to eat. Oh well. We talk about the fast food eating habits of Christ and masturbatory habits with childrens programming. (you know you want to listen now.) We get into Licensed properties as TJ read the crapfest of the new Ghostbuster’s comic and kevin needs knee pads for Geoff Johns and Superman: Secret Origin. There is also a long obligatory star trek conversation. Holy jesus we are nerds. Get it on iTunes, at http://www.fbombcast.com or download it here: http://media.libsyn.com/media/fbombcast/fbc54.mp3