Wayne’s Comics Podcast #236 With Luke Cooper, Cory Levine

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This week, Episode #236 features two great interviews! First up is Luke Cooper from Insane Comics, creator of Hollow Girl. Here’s the first issue’s description: “Six years ago, little Katherine Harlow killed her own parents. Showing no signs of remorse or regret, she was said to be a girl without a soul. Now, dressed in black except for an expressionless white mask, Kat kills for the dead – a willing vessel for the souls of the wrongfully killed that call out for vengeance. But how did an apparently soulless child become a brutal vigilante? And are the voices that she hears really those of the dead or are they merely symptoms of a dangerous, all-consuming psychosis?” The third issue in this series has just been released, so be sure to go to their website store to get your copy as well as catch up on the first two issues in this series!

Then we wrap things up with a powerful chat with Cory Levine from Bowery Boys, a terrific hardcover historical story dealing with New York City in the 1850s! Here’s how this book is described: “When his father is framed for murder, immigrant son Nikolaus McGovern rallies together a motley crew of street youths in a rip-roaring coming-of-age adventure based on the period history of antebellum New York City! Set against the backdrop of rampant political corruption, vicious street gangs, nascent labor reform and ardent xenophobia–can Niko and his friends triumph in a life-and-death battle against their oppressors, or will they succumb to the engines of socio-economic progress?” We talk about how this tale full of shocks and surprises has come together, Cory’s time at Marvel working on the Soleil collections and what he has planned for the future!  Check with your local comics shop to see if they have this book in stock, and if they don’t, you can order it in paper edition at Amazon at this link, or digitally by going to Comixology.com or for your Kindle as this link at Amazon.com!