Wayne’s Comics Podcast #332: Jon Santana, Sam Johnson

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Two favorites are back in Episode 332! First up is Jon Santana, creator of such excellent comics as Jaded, Everhounds and Wordsmith!  He’s got an important Kickstarter coming this week that will collect the first six issues of Jaded! We discuss this upcoming event as well as where his other projects are! For more, go to this link.

Then everything wraps up with the return of Sam Johnson, who has important news about Geek-Girl, his high-octane comic about a young girl who gains access to powers through, of all things, a pair of glasses! We discuss the release of the latest issue and what we might expect from him in the near future! For more, go to this link!


Wayne’s Comics Podcast #169 With Cy Dethan

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Cy Dethan, Indifference Engine, Suicide Show, Cancertown, White Knuckle, Russ Leach, Markosia,

If you enjoy variety in the comics and stories you like to read, you need to be reading what Cy Dethan writes! This talented scripter from the U.K. has been challenging my thinking for a long time, and I always enjoy that!

During this 169th episode, I chat with Cy about The Indifference Engine 2: The Suicide Show, the sequel to his successful The Indifference Engine. He’s also written Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth and Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours, White Knuckle and other great stories. To buy his books in paper or digital editions, go to his Author Page on Amazon.com at this link! Either that or check out Markosia’s website to get your copies!

Next week, be sure to listen to my fun interview with Cavan Scott, who’s writing the Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor five-issue miniseries!


Wayne’s Comics #99 With Mark Bertolini From “Breakneck” And “Broken”

Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Long Gone, Breakneck, MarkBertolini, Broken, 215 Ink, Markosia

If you’re looking for interesting and unusual takes on superheroes and other comics genres, be sure to pick up Mark Bertolini’s books! This includes Breakneck, Long Gone and Broken, all of which put more realistic spins on super-characters and what they might do when they receive powers “beyond those of mortal men.” It ain’t always pretty, let me tell you! Mark and I also talk about his upcoming projects and about the transition from writing for printed issues to digital. You’ll enjoy hearing what he has to say about the industry today!

Then I give brief reviews of the books I thought were great that arrived in comics shops on Wednesday, August 4, followed by the latest  “News & Previews!”

Next week: Episode 100!


Comic News Insider Episode 408 – BEA Briefs

Comic News Insider: Episode 408 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: DC Nation #1, Grim Leaper #1, Marvel Superheroes Magazine #1, Ravagers #1, Star Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who Assimilation2 #1, Superman Family Adventures #1

Jimmy is joined in studio again by good pal Matt Brick. Jimmy attended Book Expo America and met lots of cool folks there. Most notably: Capstone publishing had some cool comic books to check out, Mill Creek Entertainment had some great collected DVDs and NYC Subway Line had some awesome NYC subway inspired clothing and accessories (see pics below). News includes: DC reveals their gay character to be former Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott, FAO Schwarz and Midtown Comics team up, Image Comics is having a RevivalSpartacus to end on Starz and some E3 video game highlights! As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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 Some of the NYC Subway Line. Click on the link for more at the official website. 

Where Monsters Dwell 187 with Alex Moore

This week on the most female friendly comics radio show around, we continue our ‘Women Creators Month’ by welcoming comics artist Alex Moore to the program. Alex is studying illustration in Middlesex, England and has worked on ‘Turning Tiger‘ for Renegade Arts & Entertainment, as well as a short story called Full Moon Fever for the 5th issue of Orangutan Comics’ FTL Anthology. She is also hard at work on a comic called ‘The Liberty’, a full length Graphic Novel for Markosia. If you have a question for Alex feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call in the studio at 506-453-4949.

Also; New Comics Day at Strange Adventures, Opening Night at Empire Theatres and Table Topic Turntable

Sidekickcast Presents…A Roundtable for a Square Hole

Sidekickcast Presents...A Roundtable for a Square Hole

Recorded live at Cardiff International Comic Expo 2011 comes a roundtable discussion about the UK con scene, independent comics and of course the Cardiff Expo itself. Sounding off are Barry Nugent, Ian Sharman, Stacey Whittle, Chris Lynch, PJ Montgomery and sidekicks Mikey Bumchin, Ned X, Gavin Jones and Dan the Sound Man.

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Sidekickcast Presents…Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010

Sidekickcast Presents...Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010

From the House of Sidekick comes Sidekicks on Tour London MCM Expo 2010. Gavin is joined by Ned on a journey down to that there London where they hit their very first MCM Expo. They go equiped with an open mind, a hip flask full of whiskey and a thirst for the inside scoop. We embrace the full MCM experience intermingling with cosplayers, getting our hands on the atest games, checking out the manga and gatecrashing The Eagle Awards.

We start with a brief analysis of Marvel vs Capcom 3; one of the games at the show available to play followed by a chat with Leo Tan of Capcom. Next up is the first in a trilogy of comic book interviews showcasing the expo from all angles from artist to publisher,first up is Criminal artist Sean Phillips. Next we get a chance to talk to writer and creator of Bulletproof Coffin; David Hine. Rounding out the series we talk to Harry Markos of Markosia Enterprises about the state of the UK comis industry today.

Finally we come to the main event,a conversation with the Godfather of the X-Men; Chris Claremont. The legendary writer takes us on a journey through a momentous career in an ever-changing comic book industry. Fifteen minutes with a legend, you can’t afford to miss this.

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