Comics Alternative Interviews: Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor

Time Codes:

  • 00:26 – Introduction
  • 03:15 – Setup of interview
  • 04:11 – Interview with Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor
  • 51:00 – Wrap up
  • 52:16 – Contact us


Gothic Tintin

On this interview episode, Gwen and Derek talk with the creative team behind Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter, a new book out from First Second. Both Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor share their experiences conceiving the premise, their process of collaboration, and their hopes to further explore this fantastical world. Scarlett Hart is the story of the titular protagonist who carries on in her deceased parents’ footsteps, keeping her city free of monsters. With the help of her steadfast assistant Napoleon, she hunts down big nasties while trying to stay one step ahead of her nemesis, fellow monster hunter Count Stankovic. Over the course of their conversation, Marcus and Thomas discuss their love of weird monsters and young adventure narratives, combining these passions to create what they refer to as a “gothic Tintin.”