He’s Got Issues #164: New Comics, 3/11/14

First Five:
1) Walking Dead #138
2) All-New X-Men #37
3) Star Wars #3
4) Amazing Spider-Man #16
5) Spider-Man 2099 #10

Top Ten:
6) Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man #11
7) Spider-Gwen #2
8) Guardians Team-Up #2
9) New Avengers #31
10) Thor #6

Best of the Rest:

  • Action Comics #40
  • Astro City #21
  • Batman Eternal #49
  • Detective Comics Endgame #1 (One Shot)
  • FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #19
  • I Zombie #1 (Special Edition)
  • New Suicide Squad #8


  • Amazing Spider-Man Special #1
  • Ant-Man #3
  • Fantastic Four #644
  • Howard The Duck #1
  • Ms. Marvel #13
  • Nova Annual #1
  • Silver Surfer #10
  • Spider-Man And The X-Men #4
  • Superior Iron Man #6
  • Wolverines #10


  • Bill And Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1 (Of 6)


  • Magnus Robot Fighter #12


  • Star Trek #43


  • Sidekick #10


  • Ninjak #1
  • Unity #16


  • Astro City Private Lives HC
  • Astro City Victory TP

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Comics Alternative Podcast Episode 87: A Publisher Spotlight on Dynamite’s Gold Key Titles

Same As It Ever Was?

The Two Guys with PhDs (talking about comics) are back with another Publisher Spotlight episode. This time they are focusing on Dynamite Entertainment, specifically the new Gold Key comics that they have been reviving: DynamiteTurok: Dinosaur Hunter, by Greg Pak and Mirko Colak; Magnus: Robot Fighter, by Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith; Solar: Man of the Atom, by Frank J. Barbiere and Joe Bennett; and Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult, by Mark Waid and Neil Edwards. They discuss the new series in the order in which they’ve been introduced, and the guys even comment on Dynamite’s strategy of staggering releases and not just publishing everything at once, much like Valiant did with their new revived titles a couple of years ago. Andy is more familiar with the original Gold Key comics, at least most of them, than Derek, so when they can they point out the similarities and differences between the recent comics and their earlier manifestations from Gold Key, Valiant, Acclaim, and Dark Horse.  The guys definitely have their preferences — e.g., they love Van Lente’s humor in Magnus, they appreciate both Van Lente and Waid’s send up of reality television, they’re curious where Barbiere is going with Solar’s daughter, and while they’re not big fantasy/Conan fans, they do like what Pak and Colak have done with Turok — and much of this comes out in their discussion. Overall, they really like what Dynamite is doing with their recent revival and look forward to seeing how it unfolds…and how things may all come together (as we are teased in the first issue of Doctor Spektor).

Plus, the guys share listener mail that they’ve recently received. Keep ’em coming!

This episode’s incidental music is brought to us by
Madness’ One Step Beyond

Episode 87 Image

No Apologies ep 166 Criss Cross Apple Sauce

In this episode we discuss Arrow, Agent of Shield, True Detective, Superman/Batman Annual #2, Avengers 26, Batman Hush,racial double standards, and Comics we wished we didn’t read, Headspace, Magnus

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Fred Van Lente

Crotch Shots, and More!

VanLenteOn this episode of The Comics Alternative Interviews, Andy and Derek speak with writer Fred Van Lente. They begin by asking him about his work on the recent Dark Horse title, Brain Boy — a revamp of the short-lived 1960s character — and how he translated the title for a contemporary audience. VanLenteComicsVan Lente also shares a bit of insight into his upcoming reboot of Magnus: Robot Fighter, part of Dynamite Entertainment’s new Gold Key line, as well as his plans for the new Action Presidents series. The Two Guys also talk with Fred about his run on Archer and Armstrong and the early humorous titles he created with Ryan Dunlavey, the comics that really put him on the map: Action Philosophers and The Comic Book History of Comics. They spend a lot of time focusing on Fred’s special sense of humor, his meticulous research, and his melding of abstract thoughts and tangible — and very entertaining — storytelling. All in all, Derek and Andy had a good time talking with the acclaimed author…and their conversation ended right when Fred needed to take his shepherd’s pie out of the oven. The Two Guys are  nothing if not timely!

This week’s incidental music is brought to you by
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Interview Image-VanLente