UFP Rage 5: We try to explain the reason for Terminator Genisys , CM Punk Vs the Green Power Ranger and why you should to Bryan Callen instead of Adam Carolla

Hello hello!

A new style with the show notes because, well… the old ones took too long and only about 2 people read them (Thanks Patrick and Scott!) so on this show we wrap on…

  • Yumi Stynes being an insidiously dumb cunt
  • Al Pacino teases upcoming Marvel role
  • Grumpycat will make more money than all of us and that fact should depress all of us
  • Why you should to Bryan Callen instead of Adam Carolla
  • CM Punk joins the UFC and his appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast
  • We try to explain the reason for Terminator Genisys
  • No Colossus for X Men Apocalypse
  • Lorde at the Porn Awards
  • Mark Wahlberg is STILL a piece of shit!





Empire magazine X Men Days of Future Past covers, WWE Royal Rumble and Taylor Swift attacked at the Grammys!


Hi! We have a show for you!

Is it good? Is it f*ck!

Let’s get to it!


Podbean makes us sad

Did Gene Simmons trademark the term “OJ”?

It’s fun game to play when you play “GUESS POO”!

The Grammys; here’s a tip, it was horrible

Lorde is the oldest looking 17 year old you’ll ever see

Taylor Swift’s lizard brain needed to finally kick into “socially acceptable” mode

Madonna struggles to maintain relevancy

Tame Impala? Moar liek “LAME Impala”

Our rundown of the Triple J hottest 100

Vance Joys Riptide is like somebody glued a ukulele to a cardboard cut-out and threw it out the window

C Bomb says: Music Videos/Madonna has ruined music as we know it today

The WWE Royal Rumble… good times


UFP Crew questions and talk tops

–          Joe Buffet is moving in

–          “Famous” WA food brands

–          Peter Capaldi’s new Dr Who get up

–          UFP in LA?

–          The X Men: Days of Future Past Empire magazine covers

–          Insane man will stab you to get to Koalas!




–          Bruce Timm on All New X-Men #25

–          Helix on the Syfy network

–          Deathlok joins Agents of SHIELD

–          Maleficent trailer

–          EA’s MASSIVE quarterly loss

–          Satoru Iwata’s pay cut for Nintendo’s poor performance

–          The massive EVE online battle that cost gamers USD 300,000

–          Ukraine developers make depressing games; what a surprise!!!

–          Sly Cooper movie coming in 2016

–          Okhlos, the new Pikmin inspired indie-dev game